Blockchain and Health Care

Blockchain has been said to be revolutionary by many. Even now, blockchain is revolutionizing the way we look at technology, and there is no denying that phenomenon. There are lots of ways blockchain may help different types of industries and it is only a matter of time before ordinary people and citizens around the world benefit from it, too. But let’s talk about how it could potentially help the Health Care System.

Today we can’t say that the health care system is at its best. It has lots of inefficiencies, not to mention its high cost. And blockchain technology might just offer something great to help its system. But no one can promise how fast blockchain can deliver that. But the sure thing is, blockchain could provide consistency of data since it is append-only, security in its system being impossible to tamper, quicker transactions or data-recording and ownable decentralized data without the need for third parties. People will learn to trust the system more, even see and own their data.

Blockchain may be confusing because of its technicalities, but one way of making people embrace this innovation is to make them care for it by making it part of their daily lives. And it might well start with health care.
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