Can someone help me pay USD50 equiv of bitcoin ? E

Hi - I’m brand new & only here because I have run out of attempts to verify a bitcoin account. I don’t have a license or passport ( but loads of other ID) & I need to make a payment to a 3rd party who will only accept bitcoin.

I’ve spent almost 6 days googling and following up suggestions for sites that use alternative identification and have had zero luck so, I am here to ask if it is possible to simply pay somebody with a bitcoin account to make the payment for me?

I apologise if it considered bad form or anything to ask this - I only want a one-off payment of USD50 & I’m more than happy to pay a fee for anyone who can help.

As I said, I don’t have a drivers license or passport but have other ID - work ID as well as government issued cards -, - copies of house lease, bills, etc .. and I’m happy to face time & show my address matches documents etc - whatever you need —

Again - I’m sincerely hoping asking for help like this is considered offensive - I am just beyond stuck & this is literally my last option

Any other suggestions would be really welcome re sites that have alternative verification but I have signed up for over 12 so far & they all require passport, drivers or state ID — but if anybody does happen to know of a site that is more flexible I would be very grateful

Thanks for your time
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