Re: Bitcoin disadvantages

Talking about 'Bitcoin' as a synonym of 'cryptocurrency' or 'digital cash'. Today, the whole ecosystem is far from friendly. The user experience is tough and not easy.
One need to do a lot of research before buying crypto: choose wallet, exchange, currencies. Learn how to securely store and spend Bitcoins. Take care of the tax stuff...

Those steps may sound simple for the ones, who already know about Bitcoin for a year, but not tech-savvy newcomers.

Bitcoin ecosystem is not user-friendly.
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Re: Bitcoin disadvantages

KingKing wrote:
December 17th, 2017, 9:59 am
What disadvantages does bitcoin have or it is a perfect payment/investment tool? 🙂
I wonder what do you fear or feel uncomfortable about.
Bitcoin is a tool rather than an investment, "and because of its strength in allowing instantaneous international transfers and much cheaper than in the traditional financial system," they will be very useful for Salvadorans. " That is the firm belief of Franco Amati, collaborator of the non-profit organization called Bitcoin Argentina and organizer of the Latin American Conference of Bitcoin and Blockchain.
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Re: Bitcoin disadvantages

• The transaction fees increases with decrease in reward.
• Insufficient acceptance
• Too complicated to understand by general crowd
• Irreversibility is not a boon always. Especially when bitcoins are transferred to wrong address.
• It is not private actually
• Not really used as a currency
• Lie becomes truth when 51% of the nodes accept the lie.
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