Bitcoin Escrow Script To Start Escrow as a Business Service

Bitcoin escrow still makes sense in trading, online shopping and other market places. We at bitdeal helps startup to start bitcoin escrow as a business service. Bitdeal escrow script is stand alone in the market place, as the script comprises of following features and are made as capable to operate with changing cryptocurrency trends

1. Inbuilt with Multisig wallet (bitgo js wallet / copay /GreenAddres / Xapo)
2. Flexible to Executed with Smart contracts.
3. Accelerated Speed.
4.High speed in generating encrypted keys.
5. Our Script powered with Merchant API ’s, Reputation API, Ratings API, Contracts API, Price API, Affiliate API, Bitcoin Price API, Cashback API and a lot more needed API’s
6. KYC/ AML/OTC Integrated.

Know more about our bitcoin escrow script.
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