Useful Tools for Miners

For a crypto miner it is important to stay up to date with the latest profitabilities and pools' hashrates. Check out these helpful resources:

* CoinWarz - Mining profitability calculators. Help to choose perfect coin to mine.
* WhatToMine? - Find the most profitable cryptocurrencies to mine.
* Bitcoin Difficulty - Realtime Mining Statistics.
* Mining pools - Mining pool hashrate distribution.
* WhatIsMyHashRate? - Measure your browser's hashrate.
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Re: Useful Tools for Miners

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Re: Useful Tools for Miners

I'd say cryptocurrency mining is too competitive, given how many mining "farms" exist that are purely commercial (it's nearly an industry in itself now).

Of course, it also depends where you are, and if you pay for your electricity / your consumption is monitored.

Some students use their dorms electricity to mine, but I'm guessing the University can figure out pretty fast where the increased energy bill comes from...

If you're living in a country/place with near-pure Solar and renewable energy that costs nearly nothing, as hopefully we all will be in the near future, then cryptocurrency mining becomes pure profit (well, minus the $$ invested in mining rig, and the fact that if you're using your own machines, they'll be more liable to break down, and/or be night unusable depending on the % of CPU/GPU you dedicate to the task).

That's really all the advice I can give, coming from the Sciences.

Let's see if there isn't an actual miner ready to offer advice somewhere on DelegateCall :)
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