Hey guys what is a plus token?

I think this is a great site .The real way to make your crypto currency more profitable and more secure.

Hey guys what is a plus token?

Plus Token is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet that allow users to store 9 major crypto coins:

Pluscoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Xrp,Doge coin,Dash coin and Eos.

They make a profit with automatic arbitrage system called AI-Dog unlike other wallets.

 Increase by about 0.3% daily(about 10% monthly interest rate) regardless of the market price of the currency .

 You get paid DAILY on around 12:00(GMT+8),Profit is received in the currency of PLUS .

 PLUS can be converted to BTC,XRP,EOS inside of wallet immediately anytime .

 Minimum amount per AI Dog is $500 USD per coin,Maximum amount is $50K USD per.

I think this is a good investment opportunity, so you can make a profit by investing without risk.
For more info you can visit at https://pltokenwallet.com.
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