BeEasy— blockchain ecosystem for mining, trading and crypto assets investments

BeEasy project in its essence is a blockchain Ecosystem for mining, trading and investment in which user identification and management of all user information and activities within BeEasy services (mining, liquidity management service, exchange, charity, receiving goods and services from project partners, exchange for fiat, etc.) occurs in the "single-window" mode.

BeEasy is a key project of the international group of companies Cryptocompany.Ltd representing a joint Ecosystem of interconnected services for working with cryptocurrency: from mining to investment management, conversion and exchange for fiat. Due to the elaborate mutual integration of services and solutions, this product line is available both to professionals and beginners.

Our know-how is the optimized communication between services and intuitively comprehensible interfaces for all categories of users. Thus, a significant synergetic effect, inaccessible for users of several specialized but separate third-party services, is achieved.

Project Mission
The project mission is to contribute to the development of decentralized economy (blockchain networks and cryptocurrency) by involving the maximum number of user groups that are not yet engaged.

We design several software products:

1. BeEasy multifunctional service
BeEasy is a "single-window" system for user identification and management of all user information and activities within BeEasy services (mining, liquidity management service, exchange, charity, receiving goods and services of project partners, exchange for fiat, etc.).
Having registered once and having passed (if desired) the verification procedure, the user gets access to all the system features and services from a universal user-friendly interface.
It looks like a universal dashboard accumulating all the basic information - the current state of user's balances in various services, the status of these services, "quick" transfer of funds between the services, the possibility to set up transaction chains (service interaction with each other) or give all the control to the robot and much more.

The service unites in one interface all modules developed under BeEasy brand:

• EasyPool - displays the balance of the wallet connected to the mining pool, has quick buttons for managing the process and a link to expanded EasyPool interface;
• EasyPlay - displays a list of bonuses from project partners/vendors with possibility to spend the cryptocurrency from the balance, it is also possible to calculate the period of mining for a specific bonus, see the list of purchased bonuses, watch the progress bar;
• EasyCare - displays the list of partner funds to which it is possible to transfer the amount from the balance for charity, and to track the donations. The Ecosystem allows to transfer a certain percentage from the internal operations to charity. Inside the service there is a setup allowing to make recurring (regular) payments from BeEasy user balance to the selected fund;
• EasyTrade - displays the exchange account balance, minimum transaction history, statistics and rates, there is possibility to perform simple exchange operations or exchange funds to fiat with one button. There is also a link to EasyTrade exchange itself;
• EasyFund - displays the amount of investments and current yield in BTC / ETH / USD, there are buttons for investments replenishment and application for funds withdrawal. Displays current portfolios;
• EasyData - shows the amount of rented computing power, the amount of mined cryptocurrency, allows the possibility to increase or decrease the amount of rented power, profit calculator, monitoring of mining process.

2. Mass product: EasyPlay
It is a web interface and software for Windows, where functional scenario is arranged in the following way:
— the user downloads the program from site and installs it on his computer;
— immediately after installation, the program prompts the user to pass a simple registration procedure in BeEasy project (name, email, mobile phone) and diagnoses the system;
— in the case when everything is OK, the user is asked to choose which partner offers he is interested in (if not, the program reports the problem and, if possible, informs the user that he will be notified when the problem is solved);
— during mining the user has the opportunity to observe the mining progress bar. He can also change his decision and choose a different partner proposal;
— after the end of the mining process, the program informs the user about it, and a certificate (promo code) to receive the goods is sent to user’s e-mail.

3. Professional solution: EasyPool
It’s the core of the product including:
• multicurrency mining pools
• user web interface
• user software
• device monitoring and operation control system via telegram-bot
• iOS and Android app

For the user EasyPool is a way to mine smartly. In the nearest future the desktop version of the product will be redesigned and development of the mobile application will be launched.

4. Professional solution: EasyTrade
EasyTrade is a cryptocurrency exchange supporting integration with trading software (MetaTrader), a web interface for brokers and traders. It includes the web interface and in the future - mobile application and widget.

Project Token: EasyToken(ETKN)

The main value of project's token is reduction of cost of every service facilities and intra-system fees of BeEasy project up to 50%. All the facilities provided by BeEasy project services can be paid for by ETKN. This way the value of the token for professional users of BeEasy system is formed.

For each service included in BeEasy Ecosystem, there are special conditions for paying for its facilities with ETKN tokens.

• EasyPool - 50% discount for pool facilities. The pool fee in a regular mode is 2%, when paying with tokens - 1%
• EasyPlay - special offers from partners only available when paying with ETKN tokens
• EasyCare - no special conditions.
• EasyTrade - 50% discount on services of the exchange: payment of orders and commissions for deposit and withdrawal of funds. Exchange fee depends on the type of transaction and can vary depending on the market situation, but discount rate when paying with ETKN stays the same and is not affected by change of regular price.
• EasyFund - 50% discount on the liquidity management service. In a regular mode, the liquidity management service fee amounts to 5% on deposit and withdrawal of funds, when paying with tokens - 2.5%.
• EasyData - 30% discount for cloud mining and 50% for own equipment placement in BeEasy project data center. The cost of EasyData service may vary depending on the market situation, but discount rate when paying with ETKN stays the same and is not affected by change of regular price.

Tokens are emitted on the Ethereum platform, meeting ERC20 standard.
A total of 250,000 ETKNs are emitted. Tokens are divisible up to 4 decimal places.


For the entire period of ICO - 1ETKN = 0.02 BTC
Bonuses for subscribers - 5%

Start — 01.02.18
End— 30.04.18

During the ICO stage, investments are received in:

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