Advantages of Tokenization

Tokenization in the DCI Ecosystem is an innovative function that allows investors to transform a real asset into a token with immediate market-making service.

The purpose of asset tokenization is to enable small businesses & companies to raise funds conveniently using their existing assets or properties.

Assets are converted into security tokens (digital securities) that are compliant to the local regulations. Trades involving tokens are executed and stored on the ledger, which makes them secure and traceable.

Main advantages of asset tokenization with DCI Ecosystem

>Fewer intermediaries — Most of the middlemen can be removed because the transactions are governed through smart contracts that can guarantee the security of digitized assets and data.

>Trust-less Transaction — Blockchain technology with its trust-less transactions provides a streamlined solution that can save investors a significant amount of both time and money.

>Trustworthy and Secure — tokens in the DCI ecosystem will be built on the EOS blockchain. The ecosystem is reliable, honest and secure.

>Security Tokenization of Real Assets — Ability to tokenize any real asset classes, such as real estate, company equities.

>Debts Financing (Securitized) — Ability for business or individual to tokenize debt financing and create even more complex financial instruments.

>Distributed Ledger (Blockchain) Technology — Leveraging the power of blockchain, with features such as smart contracts, immutability, transparency and reduced cost & complexity in transactions.

>DCI Ecosystem provides a Turnkey Solution to individuals and businesses to manage their investment portfolio, raise capital and select products or services to support and simplify user experiences during their entire lifecycle by leveraging Blockchain Technology.

>It brings fintech players, investors (retail and institutional) and service/product providers together in one open-ecosystem such that the overall market players benefit from each other reaching higher utility levels (i.e. return on investment/benefits realised).

>One-Stop Digital Shop — DCI Ecosystem is Open, Democratic, Transparent, Secured and Decentralized, which makes it a one-stop digital shop for every essential stakeholder part of the investment lifecycle.

>All DCI investors will be added to whitelisting, which is necessary to protect investors and for the ecosystem to be in compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Cryptocurrency and Blockchain future


If you’re wondering whether cryptocurrency and blockchain have a good future, here is everything you need to know.

We all know that the world is rapidly moving towards robotization. And by robotization, we mean automation. So, basically, the future belongs to automation, where all the tasks, including economic trades and transactions, are automated. This is where the blockchain comes in.

if you are worried whether blockchain will be mass adopted, don’t. Many large corporations and enterprises are already integrating the blockchain into their businesses and/or developing their future products on this technology.

However, the actual success of blockchain technology lies in whether or not it is adopted by traditional businesses. Any technology or system that has been mass adopted by traditional businesses has seen a definite growth.⠀

As for #cryptocurrencies, The European Court of Justice has decided that bitcoin can be recognized as an alternative means of payment for currency transactions, and such transactions will not be subject to tax. This is an indication that the popularity of cryptocurrencies is growing and soon other countries might join the journey.

blockchain is being used by companies worldwide to optimize their systems & business processes. At the same time, cryptocurrencies make it easier to perform fast cross-border transactions at a lower cost.

At DCI #Ecosystem, We Leverage Blockchain Technology To Transform & Simplify the #Investment Lifecycle. Investors, Seeker Of Investment And Third-Party Service Or Software Providers Interact With One Another Without Friction.

✔️ Mission: The DCI Ecosystem aims to solve the global market of unbanked businesses. We help companies and individuals to connect with the real economy by delivering value to the market and its players.

✔️ Vision: An ecosystem where individuals and businesses can manage their investment portfolios in one place and/or raise capital while being supported by the functionalities provided by products and services offered in the ecosystem.

✔️ DCI Ecosystem’s built-in distributed ledger technology will close the gap between unbanked businesses, investors and the service/product providers.

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