Purpose: Mining

Description: Console client for mining.

Example settings for Windows 7 sp1 x64

DiabloMiner-Windows.exe-u login - p pass-o 50btc.com -r 8332 -v 2 -w 256 -a

At frequencies 5870 GPU-850 Memory-300 gives stable 390 MH / s

To run it, use the Far Manager which can be downloaded from the link farmanager

Brief FAQ:

1) Download Diablominer

2) Razorwire it to any folder.

3) Download Far Manager

4) Install Far Manager

5) Go to Far Manager looking for the folder where retriverov DiabloMiner

6) Run DiabloMiner-Windows.exe

7) Press alt+F2 when after you have lost the right part of the Far Manager press alt+F1

8) Copy here is this shape of

DiabloMiner-Windows.exe-u login - p pass-o 50btc.com -r 8332 -v 2 -w 256 -a

replace login and pass with yours, also change or leave the address of the pool. press the ENTER key and mining.+)

Optimal settings for various graphics Cards and different versions of AMD SDK

Radeon 4xxx for SDK 2.1, 2.4, 2.5: - v 1/2 -w 64/128

Radeon 5xxx / 67xx for SDK 2.1: - v 2-w 256

Radeon 5xxx/67xx/68xx / 69xx for SDK 2.4 and 2.5: - v 2 -w 256 -a

Radeon 5xxx / 67xx/68xx / 69xx for SDK 2.6 try and try to find the best=) - w 64 - V 36


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