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Mining-choosing the best program

Virtual cryptocurrencies have long been listed on the world's leading exchanges, their "production" has become a profitable business. You can get the conditional money by using the power of the PC for complex calculations in individual or group farms. The process of processing of data arrays is called mining, and programs for the organization of the calculation process – miners. The only action you need to take before raising funds is to register your virtual wallet with the appropriate currency.

Please note that most anti-virus utilities "do not like" mining applications because the process of collaborative computing can run in the background without the user's knowledge. That's why we recommend you to install programs on specifically collected for these purposes machines. In the traditional table, in addition to the standard criteria "Interface" and "Features" (functionality), we evaluated the level of security based on the indicators of the popular VirusTotal resource.

All considered programs for mining bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are quite universal – they are suitable for machines based on graphics adapters of the GeForce and Radeon family.

stability of operation;
attached is a text file with instructions.

working in command line mode;
narrow specialization.

Probably the most common utility for mining bitcoins. Recommended for installation on specially assembled farms. Its main advantage is high stability, the program works perfectly in the background. CGMiner does not have a graphical interface, all commands are assigned through the console. Instructions for management is included in a separate text file.
if for some reason your provider has blocked your access to shared pools, you can connect to them through a proxy server using CGMiner

localized interface;
server mode;
it is possible to save profile settings.

support for just one currency

One of the few bitcoin mining programs for systems based on Windows 10 with an interface in Russian. It is actually a copy of CGMiner, but with a graphical shell. Advantages of GUIminer – automatic detection of installed PC components, the ability to quickly switch the calculations on the integrated processor core and server mode support.



start of calculations immediately after starting;
no graphical menu;
inconvenient algorithm for obtaining reference information.

Another console miner for zcash currency mining. After installing the program, you will not find instructions to it, to get a list of available commands, you must run the "–h"parameter. Immediately after the start, the utility begins to use the PC resources for calculations, so if you want your machine to work on your wallet – hurry up to specify the parameters of your virtual purse.

integrated Converter;
support for shared pools.

automatically uses the resources of the machine after startup.

The most universal program in the review, it can be used for mining Ethereum, bitcoin, SCES and many other digital currencies. In addition to a convenient graphical taskbar, the developers of the utility have provided the ability to quickly convert virtual tools.

As nheqminer, MinerGate immediately after launch is included in the data processing, so when using utilities hurry up to define your personal settings.

Now, consider specialized tools for convenient work with electronic means.

Omesoolsee Miner

choosing the optimal currency for mining;
there is a mobile version.

On the move, you will feel the effect. gives +30% to mining.
A common tool for remote monitoring of farms, the choice of users professionally engaged in the production of cryptocurrency. With Awesome Miner you can assign tasks to remote machines, monitor the load, temperature and other parameters. A very useful feature of the program is the ability to automatically switch the currency based on its quotes in the market. For example, if your build is currently more profitable for Ethereum mining, the utility will automatically instruct remote computers to mine this currency.

In addition to the desktop version, there are also mobile versions of the application. Awesome Miner is the only paid program in the collection. Its cost ranges from $30 to $800. But here we have uploaded cracked version.


The most multifunctional program in MinerGate review supports common types of cryptocurrencies and has a convenient graphical interface. We recommend it as a desktop miner. If you have decided to professionally collect virtual funds through several farms, then you will definitely need Omesoolsee Miner. Due to the function of automatic selection of the most profitable currency utility will pay for itself in a few months.
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