Best News Sources for Cryptocurrency Traders and Investors

There is a large number of reports sources for Cryptocurrency news — whether that be ICO news, news concerning market movement, general news or regulation updates. Below I have listed some top cryptocurrency sources especially for traders and investors. These are the sites I usually use on a daily/weekly basis so as to remain updated on everything crypto.


CryptoCompare provides a live feed of nearly all cryptocurrencies. It feeds from all of the active exchanges to deliver the live average price between them. It works flawlessly for the top 20 currencies or so

It also provides crucial information such as the algorithm and proof type that correspond to each coin.


Here you Get latest News on Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin News update, Blockchain News and other hot Cryptocurrency News. Including Detail exchanges guide, crypo information, Wallet page infomation, Crypto tracking tools, Top cryptocurrencies technical analysis, Trading tips much more.


Crypto Panic is a news aggregator focused on crypto news. It fetches headlines from across the globe and delivers them nearly live in an easy to view column. Using CP will help preserve your sanity as you struggle to stay up to date on the news.


Cryptoflash is a news aggregator service for top 100+ cryptocurrencies tracking the latest news & rumors.They are dedicated to providing the most relevant information about what’s going on in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.


CoinLive offers professional coverage of the crypto market 24/7 via an experienced team of analysts and a state-of-the-art platform, allowing users to stay informed on all the latest developments.

Source of info : Best News Sources for Cryptocurrency Traders and Investors
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