Bot Trader:

Support for most popular exchanges!
1. Buying coins with a factor of purchase.

2. Protection against pre-purchase. This is the ratio of the current price to the minimum.

3. Selling coins with the factor of sale.

4. Opening the site page on the desired page when purchasing.

5. Getting the current price in several streams, which accelerates the price several times.

6. You can sell a coin automatically or manually.

7. Purchase during a set of coins. It is the check box “Purchase for a while”. If this checkbox is enabled, the purchase will start as soon as the name of the coin becomes known. For example, if you enter XO, xoc coins will be bought immediately, because there are no other coins that start with XO. In this mode, it is not recommended to type some text in the coin input field, because the purchase can work. Buying during the set saves time, because the slowest link in the pump is the participant's reaction to the coin and the speed of the set of the name of the coin. The ability to type one letter less saves up to 1 second of time.

8. The indicator for the current keyboard layout.

9. The ability to view your wallet on the exchange.

10. The ability to refuse entry into the pump, if the waiting time of prices for the purchase has exceeded the specified number of seconds.

11. The ability to refuse entry into the pump, if the unit price of the coin is less than or equal to the specified value.

12. Ability to run other bots and programs.

13. The coin scanner, which detects the activity on the coins and can predict PAMP coins for prazakova.

14. PumpinCat written in C# and requires the installation of the script-machine, such as Python. It has a user-friendly interface that is easily expanded and changed to fit the needs of users.

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