Is a Fradulent Exchange Site?

So it looks like a guy has been scammed of 11 worth of BTC, using an anonymous exchange website. And despite bending to the rules of the this site providing KYC documents, they still do not want to release his funds; despite these guy knowing how much we hate KYC as a crypto community, and they being anonymous as well - the irony. It's unfortunate but I think these guys have robbed the customer of the money, I do not see any way how he can get his funds back because they are anonymous. What do you guys think? Anyone here dealt with this exchange before, or know how to deal with anonymous exchange sites? Bad reputation for this company, and good lesson for people to steer away from such sites.

What happened: Illegal exchanger from Russia(the activities of such services are not legal in Russia) hold my funds and do all to delay the situation. They demand documents, selfie, video verification. But I am not obliged to disclose information about myself to a group of persons who conduct illegal activities in its country. It's just dangerous.

Scammers Profile Link: ... ;u=1307188

Reference Link:

Amount Scammed: 100 BCH / 11 BTC / $70 000

Payment Method: BCH

Proof of Payment: Dear friends I don't want to publish my wallet address. However, fraudsters do not deny the problem(you can see this in next posts). But in any case, I can show my wallet to any moderator.

PM/Chat Logs: Again, fraudsters do not deny the problem. Of course I have a long long dialogue through email, but it's too big.

Additional Notes: I advise you to not deal with this user until this dispute is resolved.


UPDATE 2018-07-15

They still have not returned my funds. I remind you I sent all the photos they needed 9 days ago. They say that they are conducting an investigation. They themselves say that they do not know how long it will take. In other words, they say:
"We took your funds, and we will not return it to you until we want."

But what kind of investigation can be conducted by these anonyms for more than 9 days? Blockchain shows that I own funds for 5 years. The presence of many coins on my wallets indicates that private keys were not stolen. What else can they investigate? There is no doubt that they are just trying to find a way to leave this funds to themselves. I'm sure they just wait until we all shut up and everyone will forget about it.

Scam accusations topic:


UPDATE 2018-07-18

They still have not returned my funds. I remind you I sent all the photos they needed 12 days ago. They say that they are conducting an investigation... in the time when blockchain shows that I own funds for 5 years. The presence of many coins on my wallets indicates that private keys were not stolen.



More than two weeks ago I opened and tried to exchange 100 BCH for 11 bitcoins.
Why did I come to this site with such a huge amount? I confused them with Changelly, which I once worked with. And this was only part of the total amount of exchange.
After I sent BCH, the exchange was suspended and I was asked for a image of the passport and an explanation of the origin of the funds. I wrote my indignation to them. But when a man with a Russian name Sergey answered me, I tensed. If this is a service from Russia, then why should it establish the identity of a person with such a large volume of coins? What purpose do they have in the time when the transaction itself could not cause any suspicion (other than volume)? This is not for them to be formally protected from regulators, since in Russia it is not regulated by anyone and they work illegally. I decided that it was just a formality. I took an image with someone's passport from google-images and sent them. And also I explained the origin of the funds, although there is nothing to explain, everything is already visible:

1. There is only one incoming transaction(a few months ago) and one outgoing transaction(to on the wallet.
2. The origin of funds on this wallet is my another wallet. This wallet was created 5 years ago(before bitcoin hardfork) and it replenished only once(5 years ago).
3. The presence of many coins on my wallets indicates that private keys were not stolen.

But after that they asked to send selfie with a passport. There was no way out and I had to make a real selfie with a real passport.
They accused me that I deceived them and now they will conduct an investigation. That was 2 weeks ago. All the days during these weeks they said that they are investigating this situation and can not say about the completion time ... sg42029915 ... sg42090568

The same thing was said to me when communicating by mail within 2 weeks. Do you understand cynicism? Absolutely anonymous people, without a company, addresses, telephone, working illegally, appropriated my funds and in fact declare that they will return it only when they themselves want it.

They said it until 2018-07-20. This is explained by the fact that on Thursday I told them that I found all the information about them: their names, phone numbers, office address. I said that the information about them will be published and then forwarded to the competent bodies of St. Petersburg, as they, having organized de facto anonymous exchange service of anonymous currencies (only I probably did not have the luck with my volume) brazenly violates the laws of the Russian Federation. After that they immediately wanted to communicate with me on video communication. And now they are blackmailing: "that's when you call us, then we will decide about your funds."

But I do not like this approach. Persons who conduct completely illegal entrepreneurial activities in Russia, trying to steal funds from those who feed them, have no right to demand anything to me. I will not please them. I do not worry about my funds, I'll return it in any case, it's just that I will not leave anything from their "business" and from their personal reputation.

Please understand me correctly. I do not gloat simply because they work illegally in Russia. It's just a convenient hook. But I would never used it if they did not try to steal my funds.
You, having at least six months from registering on the forum, think: what 2 weeks investigation can be carried out by a group of people doing their business illegally in the time when the blockchain shows that I own the funds for 5 years, and the presence of many coins on my wallets says that private keys were not stolen. What investigation? It's clear even for a fool, that this is a lie and an attempt to delay the time to the maximum in the hope that the person will fall behind and the topic will be forgotten.

I repeat, I have absolutely nothing against services that work in the shadow of the state. Not all states have perfect legislation. But if you work illegally and yet have no honor, trying to brazenly steal, then do not think that you will get away with it.
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Re: Is a Fradulent Exchange Site?

I've seen this topic making rounds on other forums. One thing is clear both parties are at fault. But the company is at fault first for misleading the client to think they were anonymous - so that is fraud on their part. The client shouldn't have sent any documents at all (its understandable as he wanted to still stay anonymous as originally thought), because that is the only thing they have on him. If he started his campaign and insisting that they deliver or return is money as an anonymous exchange, they would have bent by now.
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Re: Is a Fradulent Exchange Site?

I will to add my comment in order to clear it up a bit. This guy sent a fake, and after that he accuses changenow of fraud? This is a very stupid act, I believe that this person is to blame for this problem. I will add that this story is not updated by the author, I will do it. The user launched an information attack on the company, all the facts were kindly collected by one of the enthusiasts. You can read about it here.

In early October, changenow returned the coins to the user, after a thorough investigation. This demonstrates the legality of the company, which operates within the law.
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