Hacking Bitcoin,How Possible?

When most people first hear about Bitcoin, they usually think there is some way in which the peer-to-peer digital cash system could be hacked. This is nothing new in some ways, as many internet users have seen their Facebook, Twitter, or other social media accounts come under the control of a nefarious actor over the years.
Having said that, Bitcoin is built for security. Due to the large amount of monetary value that relies on the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, the developers who maintain the de facto reference client for the Bitcoin protocol are careful about any new changes that may be made.
I think Bitcoin depends On Open source.
The Power of Open Source
One of the main reasons Bitcoin is viewed as secure is due to the fact that the codebase behind the network is completely open source. Anyone who wants to join the Bitcoin network is able to do so in a completely open and incorruptible manner. New users are able to confirm, if they wish to do so, that the financial network works in the manner intended because they are able to verify the source code that they’re running on their home computers.

Of course, many users don’t actually verify the code related to their interactions on the Bitcoin blockchain. Most users simply purchase some bitcoin on an exchange like Coinbase rather than worry about operating their own full node.
But the point is that the option to run a full node to control one’s own digital financial sovereignty is always there through the use of open source software
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Re: Hacking Bitcoin,How Possible?

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