Hi there!

my name is Hannes, I'm from Switzerland.
I just signed up since I am interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Looking forward to learning more about this topic. Hopefully I will also be able to share some information with the community.
Have a good day!
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Re: Hi there!

Hello to all new joiners. It's great that more people are coming to the forum. I’m looking for information about cryptocurrency too! If you're looking for some crypto maybe you take look at unknown cryptocurriences. If you think about exchanges I recommend CoinDeal. In my opinion CoinDeal is great place to trade. It's a friendly exchange for beginners. If you want to decide, also see video made by FTO. In many of them, tips for using CoinDeal are shown: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa_3dv ... E-8JY7Jm4Q
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Re: Hi there!

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