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Hi everyone!

I've created an account on this forum because the company I'm working for is weighing the plus and cons of starting working with cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum and ripple being potential candidates). Since I'm the "young guy", I was tasked with studying the whole thing and its feasibility/commercial interest. And here I am! Because Google brings lots of interesting articles, but nothing beats, in my opinion, talking with users of something you want to discover.

Plus, I'm not against the whole concept of cryptocurrencies myself, and even if I came after the battle when it comes to bitcoin, I'm looking at more recent coins as well, hoping to find something new yet promising.

Have a nice day!
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Re: Forger landing

Hi, @Yak38Forger! Interesting introduced messege. It's seem to me that you came to a good company :) I'm new here too. I am particularly interested in new currencies, little known. For example, I've heard about the FTO, which looks interesting. It seems to me that Bitcoin will no longer grow like in 2017, so many people are looking for new coins.
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Re: Forger landing

I agree. The best options will be have good luck, knowledge and experiences. I’ve been interested in the crypto market for some time. The crypto market is growing all the time therefor it will be more and more coins. I saw on CoinDeal less known coins just like FTO - looks good.
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