EXC Coin will become a Trend like BNB Coin, KUCOIN ?

EXC is the token of New Generation Trading Platform EXCOLONY exchange, it will be the “hottest” exchange coin in the near future. With the support, advice of well-known advisors in Blockchain and the unique points that no exchange has, Will EXC become a trend like BNB coin or Kucoin?


There are several reasons why exchange coins are so HOT:

First of all, the exchange coins bring for users various advantage such as: reduce the trading fee, give bonus referral, allow to access VIP actions like Binance and Kucoin.

In addition, they are stable and have potential. It is apparent that exchange coins play an important role in developing system of one project and the team members may not “disappear” like other ICO projects. Also the price will increase gradually. For instance, BNB coin of Binance exchange, the price of this coin has gone up from $0.1 to over $10 and it has a little change.

Especially, exchange coins have good liquidity. It shows that exchange coins can be ensured by their own exchange, thus the liquidity is higher than other ICOs.


Using for ICCO: EXCOLONY will have the company Share for those who own EXC for a long time. Shares Thus, with this policy, EXC will rise and create the low supply and high demand. In the near future, EXC will increase fivefold, tenfold or even twentyfold due to these activities aforementioned. Thus, it is a snip for investors and traders to become rich with EXCOLONY.
Buying VIP: When the customers want to use EXCOLONY AI, which is one of the most intelligent machines in the world in order to analyze and get benefit in the easy ways or they want to reduce the trading fee of the transaction, they have to buy VIP function by EXC. Thus, through EXC expense, EXC tokens and coins will become scarceness, the prize will rise. I believe that VIP function including AI is the unique method and people cannot shun the temptation of AI.

ICO insurance: It is undeniable that nowadays there are various scam projects that make difficulty for traders and investors. Thus, via EXCOLONY, all projects will be ensured that they are real by buying them with EXC. The bad case, if this is a scam, EXCOLONY will pay back for all accounts using this by EXC. When we ensure the projects, users have to pay an amount of EXC to buy the ICO token, it leads to the reduction of supplying EXC and increase the demand and EXC will be scarce.

Using Paygate: It is easy to transact money to EXC and EXC to altcoins, therefore, the need for EXC will rise due to the smooth in the transaction of EXCOLONY Paygate. And you can use EXC coins to pay the games, casino, e-commerce and others

Burning EXC token: After all the sales if we remain a number of EXC tokens, we will burn them to boost the cost of EXC. Therefore, with whom own EXC, the price of EXC in the cryptocurrency market will increase dramatically and become valuable coins, the owner will be rich.

Free trade with EXC: For now, if the users want to withdraw in money, they have to do various steps to the final goal and it takes lots of trading fee. However, with EXCOLONY, we will support users the shortest way to deal with this issue. The users need to change coins such as BTC, ETH, and XRP to EXC, the cost will take 0.05%, and the period from EXC to money is totally FREE. Through EXCOLONY method, the transaction is fast, fee-lowing and easy to use with all accounts. As the result, the EXC consumption will go up and the EXC cost will jump in a short time.


The exchange coin is the important part with users. Some successful ICO cannot bring the profit for investors after ICO because it is not able to meet the demand. Normally, the projects do not have plan to make the need for coins.

However, with the exchange coin in general and EXC in particular, they always have strategy for increasing price:

ICCO (Initial Convertible Coin Offering): the next step of ICO. ICCO helps the users have a number of Excolony company shares after years keeping EXC tokens and avoid risk for investors via knit regulation. In ICCO policy of Excolony, EXC Tokens plays a role as the convertible bond with 0% interest. When users invest in an ICO, they have to buy a number of tokens and keep in order to convert into shares (in 2–3 years), the scarceness of EXC coin will push the price higher.

Burning token and rebuying strategy: EXCOLONY will spend 50% profit to rebuy EXC and burn them until the supple is OK. As Binance, nowadays, they also spend on 20% profit quarterly to buy back BNB. This plan will make the price of EXC go up.

After successful ICO, EXCOLONY will make a Global marketing strategy with a huge number (50% of ICO fund). Thus, the more people buy EXC, the more scarceness EXC coins have.

EXC CHAIN: EXCOLONY builds EXC Chain in order to transfer and trade among the blockchain assets, and provide a new way for blockchain asset-net in the future.

ICO and promotion info:

EXCOLONY will have presale from Oct 7th to Oct 14th with 50% bonus and token sales from Oct 15th to Nov 30th with 30% bonus then reduce in each period.
Website: excolony.com

Opening: Oct 7th to Nov 30th

ICO price: $0.5

The token can be converted into company share later!


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