CoinDeal is on Malta!

Hi, I will post some news from the CoinDeal platform, cause I'm an active user there and I want you to become them too! Why? Cause if you invite your friends to trade on Coindeal, you will receive 20% of their trading fees as a reward for recommendation! If you would like to know more please reach me via private message. But goin' back to the promised news: 
We are happy to announce that we officially moved our headquarter. We hope you have already joined us on…

We are on Malta!

We have announced our transfer to a new place during the previous week. Today is the first day we work under a new name: CoinDeal Limited! Check the details of our new company:

Company Registration Number: C 88465
Company Name: CoinDeal Limited
Registration Date: Sep 25, 2018
Registered Office: Villa Malitah Mediterranean Street, The Village St. Julians STJ 1870 Malta
As the mentioned above details have changed, our service for you - HAVE NOT! We constantly take care of delivering you the best place to trade with cryptocurrencies.

As you know, with the changes, we needed you to accept the permission to move your account. If you haven’t done that by now, we are forced to cancel all your offers and prevent you from making any transfers and earning on the affiliate program. You can only pay out your funds.

But DON’T WORRY! You can still return to CoinDeal’s society! Accept the transfer to get back all functionalities on our cryptocurrency exchange platform.
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