Happy to find these lists, which illustrate that bitcoin is becoming more and more accepted as a payment method! :)

This list reveals the world’s best cities to spend cryptocurrency, how many venues accept Bitcoin and the types of venues that accept the payment method.

1) Prague
Prague tops the list, proving that the City of a Hundred Spires is filled with Bitcoin aficionados. Enjoy spending your Bitcoin in the 18 restaurants or book your accommodation online and pay digitally. The choice is yours!

2) Buenos Aires
With the Argentine capital hosting so many 19th century buildings, it may come as a surprise to discover that Buenos Aires has 130 venues that readily accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

3) San Francisco
Tech experts would expect San Francisco to claim a spot in the top three Bitcoin hotspots. The city has continued to experience growth in the tech sector, quickly becoming a popular location for the likes of Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter. You can now splash the digital cash at 111 venues - 18 of which are shopping sites.

4) London
The Bitcoin buzz has reached fever pitch in the UK. The 104 venues accepting it allow London to take fourth place in our list. 74 venues fall into our “other” category, while nine shopping venues accept the cryptocurrency.

5) Madrid
Did you expect sunny Spain to secure a place on our list? Madrid has 97 venues that accept Bitcoin, including 20 restaurants and 19 shops. Lodging is also a popular accepter of cryptocurrency payments, with 10 lodgings being Bitcoin friendly.

6) Arnhem
When thinking of cryptocurrency cities, Arnhem may not initially spring to mind. However, the Dutch city boasts 86 venues that accept Bitcoin. 35 of these are shopping venues, with an additional 23 restaurants boosting transactions.

7) Bogotá
Colombians can feel proud that Bogotá claims seventh place. The capital city has 85 venues that accept Bitcoin payments - including 31 shopping venues and 15 restaurants and cafes. Even seven ATMs there can use it.

8) New York
Though it’s outranked by the Big Smoke, the Big Apple still makes it into our top ten cities, with 80 venues accepting Bitcoin. They include ten retail sites, six ATMs and five sports venues. With the ATMs increasing Bitcoin accessibility, the city is proven to be embracing the cryptocurrency’s potential.

9) Vienna
Primarily known for its rolling scenery and intellectual legacy, you may not expect Vienna to be so accepting of Bitcoin. However, the city has 79 venues that accept the digital currency. With a whopping 14 ATMs as well as seven restaurants and cafes, six retailers and five lodgings, Bitcoin fans can splurge in style.

10) Berlin
Claiming the final spot on this list is Berlin, where people can find 77 places to accept Bitcoin. The distinct lack of ATMs could prove that the German capital still has a way to go to be the top hotspot. However, the 18 shopping venues, ten restaurants, five lodgings and two transport venues should keep Bitcoin lovers more than happy.

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