ClickFight - High Paying MultiPlayer Arena Bitcoin Game

ClickFight <<<MultiPlayer Arena Bitcoin Game>>>
Earn Satoshi by Playing.
Upgrade your skills for credits and defeat your enemies easier

Daily Challenge: everyday complete the daily challenge; earn free Satoshi, Ammo and Medipacks;
Fight real enemies in the arena and win Credits, XP and Satoshi.
Referral Program: 10% commission from your downline earnings;

My Payment Proof:
Withdrawal Options:
1. Minimum 10 Satoshi to FaucetHub.
2. Minimum 40,000 Satoshi to your bitcoin wallet.

Register here:

Thank you in advance. Happy Earnings.
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Re: ClickFight - High Paying MultiPlayer Arena Bitcoin Game

ClickFight Update March 22, 2019
==>The event Darknet Beta Breakout started!
During the event you will discover 4 new NPCs in the arena. Theses are going to reward you with the event coins.
Note: use the "even coins" in the black market to buy the best equipment available.
==>Additionally, there are also 4 event bundles. You currently can buy the event bundles in the shop.
They also raised the value of each event bundle.
Join and fight other players and show everyone that you are the best.
My sincerest appreciation and gratitude to everyone for your support and participation.
Thank you.
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Re: ClickFight - High Paying MultiPlayer Arena Bitcoin Game

ClickFight Update
==>The arenalevel overview in the association overview is no longer eg. 103. You now see the darknet instead.
==>Fixed the visual bug in the chat channels
==>Removed the userlogs page limit
==>Adjusted the captcha chances in the arena.
==>Old messages aren't send anymore after closing the arena and reopening it later.
==>Instead of aborting a repair after starting and being attacked, it is now not aborted. The health regain will start after 5 seconds.
==>FAQ changes regarding arenalevel 20
==>Fixed the jump timer. After respawn, the counter is now still correct.
==>Association wars are now ending with the right amount of kills and not plus one.
==>Being logged in, the data privacy policy is now correct.
==>Being logged out, the FAQ is now correct.
==>Being able to use multiple darknet energy with one click.
==>New color for the chat moderators.
<<<Pay via paypal>>>
Want to get stronger but don't want to use the existing payment methods?
They now accept payments via paypal!
Thank you.
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