The constant advancement in the development of technology has brought about a positive impact to the entire world. This great impact has revolutionised many sectors and enterprises such as the finance, e-commerce, sport, education, agriculture and above all the invention of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

As virtually every industry is being disrupted by the blockchain technology, the contents protocol is creating a content distribution platform which will leverage the transparent and secure nature of the blockchain technology to bring about a new paradigm of interaction between the various members of the content creation industry.

The blockchain technology is a distributed ledger that will provides contents protocol and the entire content industry with decentralization, immutability, irrevocability, security and transparency. These various unique qualities of blockchain provides a reliable paradigm for secured record keeping which can replace the traditional method of record keeping bringing positive changes to the contents industry. The financial sector is not the only field that can be disrupted by the blockchain technology, more than 20 different industries are currently adopting the enormous advantages of the blockchain technology. These industries includes : internet of things, insurance, healthcare, agriculture, grind power, cloud computing, digital copyrights, and media industry.
CONTENTS PROTOCOL is a blockchain based content creation platform which is created by a sophisticated set of team members to put an end to all the inefficiency and the problems which both content creators and consumers do face with the traditional content distribution platforms. Contents protocol will deviates from the distribution system of traditional content platforms. It will provide a fair value distribution system for users who are the true owners of the platform through setting out a unique and outstanding reward system for both the content creators who creates all form of contents such as written articles, movies, music, books and comics as well as for the content consumers who contribute all the data which the platforms generate.

Contents protocol is geared at creating an ecosystem of highly built architecture where every player of the content industry can easily and actively participate in the platform and unlike the traditional content platforms, CONTENTS PROTOCOL will make the various data which the consumers put into the platform in form of a feedbacks available for the content creators to enable them create better and more demanding contents.
The CONTENTS PROTOCOL ecosystem will be well incentivized with lucrative rewards for both the content creators who produce various kind of contents and for content consumers who actively contributes to the content protocol ecosystem by performing functions such as likes, comments, review, and shares. Thus, the CONTENTS PROTOCOL ECOSYSTEM is being created in such a way that content creators will be able to deliver high quality contents easily through the blockchain technology and provide the opportunity for everyone to contribute to the platforms in a variety of forms and be rewarded for their various contributions.

The CONTENTS PROTOCOL network solves the chain of problems that is prevalent in the content industry, it will pursues fair relationship between the various user, distributes rewards to the users according to their ability, and enable people to shares informative contents in form of written contents, videos, movies, music, book, images as well as strengthening active contributions of users with one another. CONTENTS Protocol will serve as tool for the proliferation of infinite and open content economies, powered by communities united through relevant content. It is an innovative solution to the drain we each experience when we consume the content from the traditional content platforms , with little alternative, which results from economies of scale in the current content ecosystem.


The content protocol ecosystem will be fueled with two different cryptocurrencies tokens which the both of them have their different functions. The name of the two tokens are CPT AND CP POWER. The CPTS token is the primary token that can be exchanged and also be used for acquiring various data and products on the platform. The Cp power will be use for staking by the users in order to get higher rewards when they performs task on the platform.

• symbol: CPT

• Token type: ERC20

• ICO Price: 1 CPT = 0.0018 USD

• Fundraising Goal: 4,400,000 USD (40,000 ETH)

• Total supply: 10,000,000,000

• Available for Token Sale: 30%




Telegram: https://t.me/contents_protocol_en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ContentsProtocol/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/contents_prtcl



ETH ADDRESS : 0x8271a04582cBd21d05501459f3a3d8d6189A50ec
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