Ethereum DApps: a quick look at the decentralized application trend

Ethereum definitely opened the doors for making Decentralised Applications (DApps) popular.

Created in 2015, the platform quickly became a huge success. Not only because has some improvements compared to the Bitcoin blockchain, but also for the possibility of creating your own token in their network.

And that is exactly how DApps started to become popular. From finance to games, it’s possible to create an infinity of decentralized application in the Ethereum blockchain.

If you are wondering what is a DApp, don’t worry, it is very easy to understand. A Decentralized Application is just like any other app, but better, once it's built into a distributed ledger network.

This means that any app developed in a Blockchain acquires some of the features of this disruptive technology, such as security, transparency and immutability. So, in simple word, DApps are improved applications.

According to the DappRadar, a website that tracks and provides data about DApps, there are about 1587 decentralized applications in the blockchain world right now! Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones:

Game: My Crypto Heroes
The Japanese blockchain RPG game is making a huge success, allowing players to earn cryptocurrency just by playing.

Exchange: IDEX
A decentralized exchange built to trade the wide variety of ERC-20 tokens. One of the benefits of the platform is that it is a quick and easy process for token listing.

Collectables: CryptoFlowers
Have you ever thought about collect and trade digital flowers? Well, that’s what CryptoFlowers does. Using the power of smart contracts in the Ethereum platform people can collect, bread and trade the digital flowers.

Marketplaces: Decentraland Marketplace
Monetize content and applications became easier with Decentraland Marketplace, a virtual reality platform built into the Ethereum blockchain.

Gambling: FCK
Gambling is becoming more secure with decentralized applications like FCK. The gambling platform offers a diversity of games like dices, poker and roulette and players can gamble using cryptocurrencies.

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