Datebases for your crypto project

Databases: emails, funds, investors

Large databases for your crypto project, business, marketing and promotion.

Database of 500+ largest crypto funds

Database of 500+ largest hedge funds

Database of 100+ largest Asian funds

Contact base of the top 100 business angels working with cryptocurrencies

Database of bounty-hunters (150.000+ Email addresses)

Database of ICO-investors (550.000+ Email addresses)

Database of crypto-projects (1000+ contacts)

WEX User Database

Database of ICO investors (1.000.000+ Telegram contacts)

Database of investors of crypto pyramids on Ethereum (6600+ Telegram contacts)

Database of people buying / selling cryptocurrency (10.000+ Telegram contacts)

Database 600+ crypto chats at Telegram

Database 100+ Bitcoin forums (CIS, Korea, China, Europe)

Contact: telegram @Cryptobanksta
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