Blockchain for Supply Chain

That blockchain technology is a disruptive and revolutionary technology we all know. But what people haven’t totally figured it out yet is how it can be helpful for almost any type of industry, including Supply Chain.

This is one of the most traditional business in the market, but that struggles a lot when it comes to innovation and reinvents themselves. But distributed ledger technology can change this.

Here are 3 way of blockchain can change the supply chain industry:

Automation of key process - As we know, there are too many parties involved in the supply chain, meaning there’s also a lot of paperwork involved to guarantee that everyone complies with what was settle.

Blockchain allows us to create Smart Contract, a digital and self-executed contract. Once all the conditions are settle everything happens automatically, without the need for human intervention and papers.

Increase trust and security - Once data is stored in the blockchain network, it can’t be changed, is immutable. This can help avoid miscommunication between the parts involved, once everyone will have access to the same information, increasing trust between the parties.

Product quality control - Distributed ledger technology can also help improve quality control of products. As we said, with blockchain is possible to automate process’ and when combined with other technologies, such as IoT, is possible to control from distance the temperature of containers, for an example. Making sure that products such as food are being transported in the right conditions.

The Supply Chain industry has a lot to gain with this technology, and these are just some of the cases blockchain can help improve. What about have your software to take a step into the future? Blockchain App Factory has the perfect blockchain solution for your enterprise.

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