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Everything is ready. You have a great project, potential investors and the coin was developed with perfection. Now is time to list your coin in the exchanges platforms.

This is one of the most important steps when launching an Initial Coin Offering. An ICO listing is the way to give the needed exposure for your coin or token, in terms of further trading.

Even if you already launched your token in a decentralized exchange, such as Ethereum, is important to have it listed in other exchanges, so your investors and coin holders have more freedom and flexibility to perform trades.

Although listing a token sound like a simple process, the crypto exchange platforms usually have a very strict policy and criteria to accept a coin. Let’s take a look at some of the most usual guidelines:

Product - As a great number of ICO turned out to be scams, the exchanges want to make sure the offering has a real product. Projects with prototypes of demos of the product are one step ahead in the process.

Business model - Following the same logic of making sure the ICO is not a scam, have a business model that explains very clearly the purpose of the project and how the token will be used is extremely important.

Audience - Carry a successful ICO launch is also important, of course, so the project can show the number of token holders to the exchanges platforms. This can help prove that there’s real interest in the project.

Along with these basic standards, there are many other criteria and bureaucracy to be filled before finally get your ICO listed. But with Blockchain App Factory, the ICO listing process can be done with no hassle. We offer a complete service as listing so you do have to worry about nothing.

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