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The FTO Team has prepared something for people who do not trust new technologies. This is Paper Wallet.
How it's working? I will quote their official website:

Paper Wallet is an offline solution to your assets.
It is really easy to comprehend. It's FTO address printed on paper. It is almost impossible to hack. The private key is created from the randomization process. It is a 32-bytes number, so the probability of hacking it is close to zero.

If you want to check, you can do it here: ... /#more-467

What do you think about this way on the wallet?
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Re: Paper Wallet

francesco wrote: The FTO Team has prepared something for people who do not trust new technologies. This is Paper Wallet.
How people who do not trust new technologies get into crypto? That's ironic LOL :)

I think there are a few other trustworthy ways of keeping your coins - like for instance light wallet. There is a comprehensive description on that topic in this article: ... -problems/ and I hope that you will find it interesting. Please share your opinion after!
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Re: Paper Wallet

This is the safest option to store your digital assets. A paper wallet is a physical copy of your generated public and private keys and can even refer to a printed sheet of paper. If you are looking for deliver crypto paper wallet and White label Bitcoin wallet services at low-cost prices.We apply the unique and advanced White label Bitcoin wallet development techniques to deliver robust wallet mobile apps which allow users to store the private transaction keys to process transactions like receive, store and send Bitcoins. Our plethora of cryptocurrency development services includes cryptocurrency wallet development, smart contracts audit, crypto coin creation, blockchain development, smart contracts development and cryptocurrency software development. Get in touch with us and avail the benefits of the thriving cryptocurrency market.
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Re: Paper Wallet

A paper wallet is an offline mechanism for storing Bitcoins. The process involves printing the private keys and Bitcoin addresses onto paper.
If you are looking for a paper wallet (or) Cryptocurrency wallet development company, I suggest the trusted crypto wallet team developer and they will take your idea into truth with your optional features.
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Re: Paper Wallet

Thanks for yours comments! Nice to see that people on that forum are so involved :)
Thanks for the article, Alex. A light wallet seems to be a really interesting option. It's always good to have several options, you can see that the FTO Team knows it too.
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Re: Paper Wallet

Honestly, I did not use TREZOR. Wallet is an important thing in cryptocurrencies, for sure. But even more important are the coins that you have in this wallet :) This year I focus on altcoins, I think that the FTO will grow. Do you agree with this?
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