#1 ... e=E0FO3KID Why Masmic Exists
Masmic's mission is to give everyone across the world a power to monetise their ideas, knowledge and attention, or crowdsource these from global community of users. On Masmic, anyone can get a query solved in a timely manner by incentivizing crowdsourced collaboration. By creating a micro-gig economy, the platform will open up a new innovative way for users to earn passive income online. Currently, there's no way for global users to collaborate online for micropayments. Masmic will make this possible! Contact. Feel free to contact us through Share your love for knowledge!
Invite people to join Masmic and earn 5% of your referred user earnings on every bounty. Everytime for a lifetime! Refer to How Masmic Referral works to learn more. How Masmic Referral works to learn more.
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