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Understanding Crypto currency
- Crypto currency is not money. It is unable to repay the debt normally.
- Crypto currency is a financial innovation that can be used as real money on online social or digital only.
- Crypto currency is not under the control of banks and government or government agencies.
- Crypto currency can be used to purchase goods or services from the place where there are signs or labels that accept Crypto currency around the world.

Membership policy of
- No charge or accept any currency the government accepts.
It is a virtual lease of investment space in the cloud. There is no service fee payable in the currency accepted by the government.
- There is no policy to encourage or influence to be a membership of and use the currency of the government to buy or exchange on We do not have any policy pay back to you in the government currency.
- We do not have a policy to deposit or to be an agent to use the government currency to exchange Bitcoin and take it to invest absolutely.
- We have paid the profit to all by Crypto currency on cloud system only. In addition, we do not have the policy for paying or exchanging or refunding to be others government currency.
- The profit depends on the exchange market and the Crypto currency value in the market or the investment in bitcoin mining in the virtual mining type on cloud system only without the use of a Crypto currency to invest in instruments or any property.
- Do not encourage participation, induce or distort the state of the Crypto currency.

We will send an IP address that sends spam or disrupt the system to and banned the account. Or you violate the membership policy.
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