How to make passive income with cryptocurrencies

Buy & Hold strategy has been around from the very beginning of trading. it is perhaps the most basic of trading approaches – you buy a stock, a share or a future and wait for the price to rise. Then you sell and receive profit. But in time, more interesting and profitable strategies came about. Let’s talk about this.
The rise of hedge funds

At some point, investors decided that simply waiting for the perfect market conditions is not enough. They concluded that with active actions it is possible to improve the revenue and make profits despite the current market movement that may contradict the needed direction. Besides, simply waiting for revenue seemed boring, and this collective decision marked the beginning of the rise of the hedge fund.

All of a sudden, hedge funds that promised to bring extended revenue no matter the market condition started popping up in abundance. Following the current trading trends, hundreds of firms were established, with first of them, interestingly, being opened by a farmer.

However, despite all the promises it soon became apparent that hedge funds couldn’t fully deliver. Multiple market researchers by reputable companies firmly established that thought all their multi-year lifecycle hedge funds didn’t make even a dime for their clients – all they could do is manage somebody else's funds and just as before – wait for the right market conditions. It became common knowledge that hedge funds are useless.

Bearing in mind this conclusion traders went back to the old ways of Buying and Holding. Index funds promoting practically the same strategy also came about. And then came the revolution.
The rise of cryptocurrency

After years spent in the shadow Bitcoin finally started becoming mainstream. And this changed everything. With incredible volatility and powerful price spikes Buy and Hold strategy suddenly became extraordinary profitable. So much so that most timely deals brought thousands percent of profit to investors.

The only problem for investors is that you need to be good at the waiting game to reap the rewards. For example, those that invested in crypto late in 2017 lost almost 90% of their capital and many are still waiting in spite of their losses, believing that the tables will turn in their favors.
The rise of passive income

And investors are not the only ones who take advantage of the waiting game. Sensing that most are not willing to part with their portfolios, several enterprising businessmen launched companies that allow lending coins rather than selling them. Investors that desire some extra profit while they are waiting for the next big prize leap are guaranteed a pretty good yearly interest rate. Some of the biggest names in crypto lending right now are:

Celsius Network

With slightly different approaches, all of those projects allow investors to lend their crypto and earn noticeable passive income, allowing their portfolios to work for them.

Another such project is Exscudo ( ) Exscudo is the developer of a next-generation financial ecosystem that is made out of an innovative exchange with a blockchain access layer, next-gen blockchain EON, merchant solutions and a secure wallet and private messenger Channels ( )

Early investors of the project are now able to reinvest purchased EON (cryptocurrency of the project), receiving up to 15% yearly interest rate. Thus, they can not only make a solid profit while waiting for the price to rise but can also expect to make a little extra while waiting.

Cryptocurrency lending is a relatively new trend that allows anybody with a crypto portfolio to make a little money before one is ready to sell. Not all of us are professional traders willing to risk losing investment by constantly buying and selling currencies. For those of us who prefer to wait and HODL, cryptocurrency lending just might be the ideal solution to play the market and turn any conditions in our favor, even if just a little bit.
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