SRBMiner-MULTI CPU и AMD GPU Miner 0.3.3


  • hashrate Increase using the 'Bl2bsha3' algorithm (~10-15%)
  • Nav Navi (Gfx1010) for 'bl2bsha3' (let's say it works)
  • Added the ability to set the complexity for 'Bl2bsha3'. Just enter it in the password field of the pool.
  • the miner can now be used in pools Other than 6block if they implement the same layer Protocol as 6block
Download for Windows:
Download for Linux: SRBMiner-Multi-0-3-3_Linux.tar.xz
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+ Managed setting mode
+ Ability to switch the algorithm without an external application
+ Running in the background without a window
+ Hashrate control that restarts the miner when the GPU fails
+ GPU temperature control and automatic shutdown when the temperature is too high
+ Turning off the system when the GPU temperature is too high
+ Automatic restart of the miner too many rejected shared resources
+ startup monitor that ensures normal operation of the miner
+ API for miner statistics
+ web interface with graphical interface for miner statistics
+ multiple pools with failover support
+ adding new pools on the fly without restarting the miner
+ difficulty monitor, connects to the pool if the difficulty is too high
+ task timeout monitor, reconnects to the pool if work is not received for a long time
+ It's easy to switch AMD graphics cards to computing mode

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+ VEGA 56/64 / FE / VII
+ GC 460/470/480/550/560/570/580/590
+ R9 285 / 285X / 380 / 380X
+ R9 290 / 290X
+ R9 Fury / Nano
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