[ANN] Caffeinate with crypto

Enjoy your coffee with cryptocurrency today! www.buycoffeewithcrypto.com/

Caffeinate with crypto
Now accepting crypto! Cafe Joe USA (https://cafejoeusa.com/), selling Israel's most popular coffee, now accepts bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, nano, and bitcoin cash (begrudgingly).

IT'S NOT PIZZA BUT...Coffee with cryptoWhile the most historic purchase might have been a couple pizzas, buying coffee with Bitcoin has become the most aspirational purchase.

It’s not necessarily due to a specific demand for that bitter, morning beverage that fuels America,but rather the idea that decentralized currency would be integrated into our daily lives enough to purchase a pull of espresso.

Crypto is cool right now
But it's more than just pumping alt bags and accompanying memes. It's often a better way of transacting and—from coffee to payment processors—we're always looking to improve.

Innovators innovate
Spending 20 years providing the best possible cup of joe to international coffee lovers taught us one thing: always innovate.
In 2018, that means adopting the latest in blockchain-based digital assets.
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