Universal volume based revenue.

As we know, instead of burdening the standard developer transactions, it is divided into all the owners of the token. 10% of the transaction volume experienced by our cryptographic infringement is completely excluded for you. A token owner such as an Eriam can withdraw at any time.

Withdraw any time.

A Smart Contract (your new Logo Accounting Buddy) holds all the Etaliaes that purchased these tokens, and whenever you want to withdraw your token or dump a token, you can use all the payments you are paying We will be delighted to provide you with ETERRIAM. You are a weak handed fool.


The name of the token is called proof of "mining algorithm of trace of weak hand". Simply put, when someone has a weak hand. Purchasing our smart contracts, transferring tokens and returning to contracts. There is a 10% fee. The person possessing the token gets a personal cut of any weak handover transaction. You can withdraw this bill from the Smart Contract Pool at any time in ETH. No commission is charged. Do you see cute snakes? You get yourself, he generates income for you whatever the token price is!

Real big revenue.

Is bit coin crashing? Have you burned out ascending and descending ciphers? Our contract is designed to be a smart place to generate revenue whenever there is business volume. You can sit down and worry about other things like the collapse of Western civilization.
You can try http://www.p3d.tech/.
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