Best faucet 2018

before reading I have you illustrated my post with this beautiful photo of faucet

For months I have tested countless bitcoin faucets and I would like you to enjoy this experience
it is a very good exercise before this launch in crypto

PS: if you do not get rich to millions, at least I would save you time ... and disappointments (most bitcoin faucets are just huge scams that will make you go through dozens of sites for the ultimate generously grant you a few dozen satoshis after 30 minutes of relentless navigation and 25 recalcitrant popup windows that do not want to close).

First, what is a Crypto Faucet?
A bitcoin tap (also known as "Faucet") is a site that earns you bitcoins every time you enter text or select images in a dedicated window, often with timers. By "bitcoins", you have to understand "fraction of bitcoins" and even "bitcoin dust" because you will actually win satoshis and it takes 100 million satoshis to make a bitcoin.

You are going to need micro wallet are wallet made exclusively for micro payments (so the payment in satoshis)
Facethub :
Coin pot :

The list may be very long but we have a selection
- Moon (best)
- Forumcoin (for the Nija)
- satoshimonster ( bring back your friends )

MOON ( Coinpot Adress)
it is by far the one that allows me to earn the most satoshis per day with a minimum of constraints.
The gains of this faucet can be optimized with
3 bonuses:

The daily loyaly bonus: + 1% each day you use the site at least once, within the limit of 100% (the days must follow one another)
The referal bonus: a classic SEO system that does not cost anything to your referrals but increases your earnings (my links in this post and my signature are referals).
The mystery bonus which, as the name suggests is a mystery (with each gain these are increased by a value between 1 and 100%, with it must be admitted, a certain tendency to be closer to 1 when the basic gain is important).

In short, it's fun, it does not cost anything and if you go there once a day, there is already a way to have a small fortune of satoshis quickly.


FORUMCOIN (avec vos key Faucethub)
Here it's a faucet of 1 minute, so it goes very fast. The payment and direct visible on your Wallet so it goes rather quickly the advantage is that there is the choice in crypto

ETH ... e97803651b
BCH ... s3TmoU2iqY
LTC ... a3WykyKUaH
BTX ... vsEC22L8En
Dash ... 8K5hrCfCCQ
BTC ... GsUty6pSqP
BTX ... vsEC22L8En
PPC ... vKMkbEYwQK
BLK ... iXZg7AGeqk

Satoshi monster VS hero (faucethub)
the most classic faucet in the world but there is an advantage you can cumulate with another site which makes you win faster your Satosh

- Monster :
- Hero :

I am still looking for faucet not hesitate to send me links to test
I opened a discord in French for those interested in talking about faucet air drop ...

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