Survey on the inefficiencies of Bitcoin

Dear All,

My name is Jena Summoogum and I am currently undertaking my master’s degree in Finance at the Asia Pacific University, Malaysia. As part of the master’s programme, I am conducting a research study entitled “On the inefficiency of Cryptocurrency: The Case of Bitcoin”. Recent loopholes in the Bitcoin network, such as the absence of concrete monetary regulations, incline in third-party intrusions on the network, ongoing theft/loss of bitcoins on the network, and constant fluctuations in the Bitcoin price, have triggered debatable questions on the future of Bitcoin. The main objective of my research paper is to examine the impact of the inefficiencies surrounding the Bitcoin ecosystem on the future of Bitcoin.

The present questionnaire aims at obtaining the feedback from current/potential Bitcoin investors as well as Bitcoin enthusiasts regarding the various issues faced when transacting with bitcoins. The questionnaire focuses on four parameters of the Bitcoin ecosystem to evaluate probable inefficiencies in the Bitcoin network, namely the security protocol surrounding the Bitcoin network, the volatility of the Bitcoin currency, the deflationary aspect of Bitcoin, and the regulations surrounding Bitcoin.

Please find the link to the questionnaire as follows: ... sp=sf_link

Your participation to the following survey is well-appreciated. Your responses are voluntary and will be confidential. Responses will not be identified by individual. All responses will be compiled and analysed as a group. For any clarifications regarding the questionnaire, feel free to contact me on

Thanking you for your time invested in this research.

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Jena Summoogum
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