ApiTrade - Revolutionary Automated Crypto Currency Trading

APITRADE - Automated Crypto Currency Trading. Passive income ~0.5-3% per day!

Revolutionary platform that does thousands of profitable trades for you on crypto exchanges automatically.

Makes money while you sleep!

Trading methods:
  • Predictable daily profits
  • Minimum Risk
  • Zero set up and constant control
  • Automated selection of trading pairs
  • Arbitrage[/li]
  • High Frequency Trading (HFT)
  • No sign-up or monthly fees
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Colleagues, access to the system of high-speed automatic trade and arbitrage through API of the main cryptoexchanges the other day was open.

In what advantage and benefits of the APITRADE system?

PROFITABLE. The system allows to gain a notable passive income in cryptocurrency

IRRESPECTIVE OF growth or fall of the market. Machine learning and analytics, unique algorithms of the transactions made quickly and automatically without your participation. From the user the minimum of actions is required.

Now there is no need to address to cryptofunds and to transfer to someone the cryptoassets to the control. All this under your complete control with a maximum of benefit and a minimum of costs of time and nerves.

INSTANTLY. The system finds the best buying rate and sales of the interesting cryptocurrency among all connected exchanges. It is the functionality, very effective for the trader, which isn't requiring payment.

SIMPLY. Minimum of settings and clear interface. Manual trade is possible (without the commissions). At the same time there is no need to come on each exchange, to switch between accounts and t. item. All transactions are performed in a personal account via the single interface (the mode of one window).

The list of the cryptoexchanges which are already connected to APITRADE :
bibox.com, binance.com , bitfinex.com, bitmex.com , bitstamp.net , bittrex.com , bit-z.com , cex.io , c-cex.com , cryptopia.co.nz , dsx.co.uk , gate.io , gdax.com , hitbtc.com , huobi.pro , kraken.com , kucoin.com , livecoin.net , okcoin.cn , poloniex.com , yobit.io , wex.nz
In the nearest future some more cryptoexchanges will be connected.

CONVENIENTLY. Simple and clear interface, minimum of buttons and settings. Use of system considerably saves time and nerves. Directly it is visible how many you earned - just every minute, after each successful transaction. Sales of a crypt are performed only in plus. Important notifications are sent a bot to Telegram.

SAFELY. 2FA-authorization through Telegram and Google. Restriction on IP. All traffic is ciphered by SSL the certificate.

The system doesn't request logins and passwords from your accounts. Only you have an access to withdrawal of funds. All transactions of purchase and sale at cryptocurrency exchanges are performed only by means of API keys, without direct access to your accounts (API access without withdrawal of funds).

It is PERSPECTIVE. The functionality of replenishment of accounts of the connected cryptoexchanges via the single interface of system, with simultaneous converting of Fiat in a crypt on profitable terms is developed.

FREE OF CHARGE. The main functionality of system is provided absolutely free of charge. Service receives the commission only for functionality of automatic trade and arbitrage, after completion of a profitable transaction, in % of the got profit which go for development of the project and the expenses accompanying it. In more detail it is described in questions and answers (FAQ).

FOR FRIENDS. The system was created and checked in practice by professionals, for a narrow circle of friends and acquaintances, and you have now an opportunity to join us.

DECISION. It what many so long looked for - the single solution of the majority of difficulties and inconveniences in case of trade in a crypt realized on the basis of a long experience and practice.

Users of system have the most powerful and inaccessible benefits before most of regular traders who as a result will lose.

On a screenshot the income of one of users of service in 7 days:

User income is generated by thousands of instant trades throughout the day using well known algorithms.

Today you can become the first who will take its advantage and benefit!


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