Morph - Multi Coin Wallet <3 Securely Store your BTC, ETH, XRP, NEO, LTC, XLM, LTC + MORE

Hey guys, im looking for some feedback on a wallet that me and my team have been working on.

We believe that the reason cryptos are not being mass adopted is because of the massive UX problem that exists. Users are forced to remember long private keys or seed backups and have to install multiple wallets just to view and use their funds, not to mention the complicated process of working out TX fees. We aim so solve all of these problems with Morph Wallet.

Morph is extremely secure and has extra security gates that other wallets (such as Ledger nano S) do not have like trusted devices, 2 Factor authentication and automatic key backups so you can never lose your funds. It also is able to store a ton of other coins so you can see all of your funds and spending from one app. We are also available on Android, IPhone and desktop so you can track funds from all of your devices.

For Android download: ... eus_wallet

For Apple download: ... 24027?mt=8

For Web version:
Coming soon (expected end of September)
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