Own an exclusive cryptocurrency wallet starting from 1.5BTC!

Wallets are becoming a thing of the present. With more and more companies starting out to build wallets, Blockchain app factory has been doing this for a quite a while. The cryptocurrency wallet services enable faster and cheaper transactions, the option to mine your own cryptocurrency, obtain investment advice and more.
The packages are extremely affordable and start from 1.5BTC. There are other deals for 2BTC and 3BTC respectively. The major features are

  • 2- factor authentication
  • Most used address
  • Paper wallet development
  • Conversion rates
  • QR code scanner
  • Push notifFavorablelist]
    • Merchant services
    • Security
    • Auto- denial of duplicate payments
    • Favourable session logout

    If you’re looking forward to integrating the wallets and the exchange, contact us and we’ll do our best.
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