EthernalGo - The Go game running on the Ethereum

#1 is the first online multiplayer Go game running 100% on Ethereum.

The game is available today! It’s not a pre-launch or a future roadmap item, it’s fully available today and we can’t wait for you to try it out!! You must have MetaMask and some ether to get started, if you aren’t familiar with those, please check out ethereum to learn more about the blockchain and what it enables.

Why should I play Go on the blockchain?
If you would like to win some ether or you love the game of Go, EthernalGo is the best place to do so. All of the game’s logic is hard-coded to the blockchain so you know that the same rules apply to everyone in this crazy and loved game. If you never played, the rules are very simple and you’ll be able to start quickly. It’s an amazingly deep game with simple rules.

More FAQs here:

he game is available today on desktop browsers with MetaMask installed and can be accessed on the website

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