Re: Advantages Of Ethereum over Bitcoin

I would say on my point of view purely from mining, Ethereum requires less money to start mining then Bitcoin.

Mining, in my opinion, is a better option than trading crypto. The reason I look at mining is that in the long run, mining gives more profit then trading unless the fee for buying and selling decrease a lot.

With Bitcoin, to effectively mine, you would need ASIC Miners, while with Ethereum, you can use GPU Miners. GPU Miners is more common and easier to get your hands on compared to ASIC but the price of ETH compared to BTC is a lot so you would make more off BTC then ETH.

This is all dependant on you and what starting funds you have.
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Re: Advantages Of Ethereum over Bitcoin

Off the top of my head, I believe the biggest advantages of Ethereum over Bitcoin are the smart contract capabilities which allows access to many several ICO opportunities and other popular ERC-20 tokens.

Things might change when Rootstock becomes more and more used in the Bitcoin space though.
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Re: Advantages Of Ethereum over Bitcoin

The ETH blockchain is better compared to that of BTC. It can commit more number of transactions per second as the blocksize is large. Moreover, the no. of ETH coins to be issued are way more than that of BTC.

The new tokens and ICOs are developed based on the ETH blockchain, well known as ERC20 tokens.

The biggest advantage is smart contracts.
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Re: Advantages Of Ethereum over Bitcoin

There are advantages to both but it depends on what you are looking at.

If you are looking at trading, then ETH is easier to manage as you buy at a higher volume compared to BTC where you might only be able to afford a piece. This would depend on your own funds and what you expect to gain at a higher amount.

Looking at BTC, if you have the money, it would be a better long term investment compared to ETH. Bitcoin with its recognition and value, would have a higher long term growth in price compared to ETH.

If you are looking at mining, ETH would be cheaper and more accessible then BTC. For BTC, ASIC miner is what you would need to mine effectively while GPU would be better for ETH. With the recent slump in the market, investing in mining would be a good option; This is if you have knowledge how to mine.

Miner hosting would be an option currently to invest in also as you just pay a fee and have a company mine for you. I personally use MiningSky, but there are many other companies out there. I use MiningSky because I just pay a set fee and i dont have to manage much and reap reward of cryptocurrencies.
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