Problem by import of wallet.dat from 2011

Hi guys,

I mined some BTC in 2011.
Then I did nothing withem beside doing a backup of wallet.dat and uninstall the bitcoin client.

Now after years i reinstalled bitcoin core client, download the whole keychain and replace the wallet.dat (2017) with my backed up one (2011).
When I start the client i get an error: "Ein schwerer Fehler ist aufgetreten. Bitcoin kann nicht sicher fortfahren und wird beendet"

Then I run the bitcoin core client again with -reindex -research parameter...but it didnt help

I tried a reinstall of the client (32/64 bit) but nothing changed.

Do you know any help?

Is it save to upload the wallet to
If i upload it to the he hoster of the webseite have access to my wallet, haven't he?
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