Social Media Manager - CoinDesk [NEW YORK CITY]

CoinDesk is the number one media player in the hypergrowth world of blockchain & digital assets. We help seasoned professionals and those that are brand new stay current in the evolving industry, helping them to make decisions in the day-to-day of their businesses. CoinDesk reaches five million people, generating over 15 million views each month.

We are seeking a social media & audience development manager to take our off-platform storytelling to a whole new level. We’ve built a sound following on social media sites, but we are now looking to double down on these platforms to achieve our long-term audience goals. The ideal candidate is driven by the desire to continue growing an actively engaged audience that becomes addicted to the story that CoinDesk is telling.

Top Reasons to Work for CoinDesk:
  • We are the #1 media player dedicated to blockchain
  • We have seen unprecedented growth, with audience growing 400% year-over-year
  • Freedom to manage your projects without interference
  • Opportunity to heavily influence the direction of the company

As part of the CoinDesk team, you will:
  • Post and monitor a range of social media accounts, with a focus on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WeChat
  • Engage with our readers both off-platform and on CoinDesk
  • Be the voice of CoinDesk Corporate, delivering on the evolving story of our brand
  • Create media to accompany our stories using platform-specific graphics, gifs, and quote images
  • Monitor analytics and metrics and propose ways to improve audience growth and engagement
  • Create regular social media reports
  • Work with the marketing team to promote the multiple events that we put on each year
  • Provide general marketing operational support and execution of marketing tactics

Required skills and experience include:
  • Demonstrated ability to write social-friendly copy
  • Two years experience managing social media at a media company
  • Working knowledge of mainstream social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) with a willingness to learn new, niche social platforms (Stocktwits, TradingView, etc.)
  • A self-starter with the ability to work independently as well as with others
  • The ability to manage multiple projects and balance the needs of editorial and the marketing team
  • Impeccable grammar and writing skills: you don’t need to be edited
  • A willingness to learn about digital assets and blockchain technology.

Contact Information:
Please write to [email protected] with your resume, samples of social media posts, and a short cover letter about why you want to join CoinDesk. Please put "Social Media Manager" in the subject line.
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