Customers mainly strive to use AliCoin ultra-fast and completely safely.

AliCoin has been found to be a distributed digital currency operating on a stable block chain of the Waves network. Because it is the only digital encryption available on their platform, it is an essential part of their innovative vision.
Certainly we will also introduce the possibility of using the credit currency, but since the vast majority of modern technology is effectively based on the Blockchain network, their customers mainly use AliCoin super fast and completely safe I will make an effort to use. For details, please visit
Aligatocoin Ico Team is working on a new generation auction sales platform based on block chain technology and AliCoin encryption. This will be version 2.0 of the trading platform that exists after 2016.
AliCoin is built on the existing platform, is popular, has a good reputation among users It is. Thanks to AliCoin (Ali) cryptocurrency emissions and capital collection by ICO, we can speed up the development of Aligatocoin project and the globalization of corporate services.
Aligatocoin's vision is to make people's lives easier by providing a unique and pioneering solution that enables the latest technical achievements while maintaining a universally proven way to function without problems .
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