The importance of the two advancements in technology which are internet and blockchain can not be overemphasized, decentralising project on blockchain has really improve the level of efficiency, transparency and capability of most projects.

The rapid development of technology is affecting every aspect of our lives. This development has spread to all fields of finance, e-commerce, education, and art by the influence of globalization

The possibilities of the Blockchain are enormous and it seems that almost any industry that deals with some sort of transaction, and security which would mean any industry, can and will be disrupted by the Blockchain.

The development of Blockchain technology has brought with it different innovative ways of solving existing problems like exchange of value, e-commerce, monetization of intellectual properties and hundreds more. The reality however is that this kind of revolution which has resulted in the creation of thousands of platforms and applications also creates an entirely different type of problem for end users and developers.

Security failure is one of the major threat in the world, Everyone always try as hard as possible to form a password combination which only he can reason, but the problem is that virtually everyone used the same password for signing in to many platform, once the password is been broken once, that's the of your data which will mean even your funds if need be.

Since blockchain platforms are regarded as the most secured technological platform, a lot of people do give lesser concern on how to protect their data. Transactions in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are irreversible once done - you can’t roll them back. There is no higher authority that could do that, like in credit card transactions where you can report a fraudulent charge and the credit card company removes it from your account.

So security becomes number one priority in everyday work flow of an exchange. But it is hard to provide good security when users choose simple passwords and 2FA is only used by a few percent of users, making phising a common tactic used by hackers to steal funds.

In order to tackle those problems, group of cryptocurrency and blockchain experts comes up with a security platform called REMME.
Remme is an high end secure system to help organizations like infrastructural companies, Iot, medtech, and blockchain platforms to help them protect sensitive data.

Remme is a distributed Public Key Infrastructure (“PKI”) management technology built on top of the X.509 certificate standard that uses SSL/TLS to protect the entire channel from an attack. PKI is a system of Public Key Infrastructure which supports the creation, distribution and identification of public encryption keys, enabling users and systems to both securely exchange data over untrusted environment such as the Internet as well as verify the identity of the other party of conversation


1. There is no centralized database of certificates and keys that could be compromised.

2. There are no technology lockin and API limitations. Easy integration with existing systems.

3. There are no additional fees for different certificates/credentials in different CA.

4. There are no possibilities for collusion between software/hardware vendors and limited count of CAs.

5. Fast and protected public key distribution process.

6. Fast and protected certificate revocation process.

7. Single point of trust for different systems: easy single-sign-on implementation, decentralized worldwide available authorization.

8. There are no legal limitations and government cooperation issues.


Symbol: REM

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Platform: Ethereum

Type: Utility

Hardcap: $20m


For more information, visits the official links:[/b

Official website: https://remme.io/

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2060387

Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1jTRG ... NvaE0/view

telegram group: https://t.me/remme

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