The new era of cryptocurrency that you never experienced before  - Crystal Seed Encrypto Encryption now in a HOT start~~~
Coins pre-sales phase 1 now officially starting ( 16/04/2018 – 23/04/2018 )

Crystal Seed (abbr: CRYS) is a crypto currency that is based on a peer-to-peer (P2P)
technique. The objective of CRYS is to build an immediate hidden online or offline payment
system, helping the users to make immediate payment to anyone around the world. The
operation and distribution of CRYS does not depend on any central bank, government,
enterprise and support from any organizations or credit guarantee. CRYS relies on
information technology, cryptographic algorithms and network agreement to realize,
theoretically ensuring any individual, institutions and government not able to control total
number of digital currency or causing inflation of man-made currency. Second, it relies on
internet giving the world instant payment and transfer the ownership without borders.
Transfer funds through electronic channels and payments not limited to time and space, it is
quick, convenient and it is the realization of low-cost budget with high speed transfer. Taking
cross-border money transfer as example, transactions through banks involve complicated
procedures and takes longer time (a few working days) and the handling cost is high. Third,
digital signature gives trait of anonymity. There are different payment methods for traditional
electronic trading. Accounts only need to supply fund to purchase digital currency. Credit
card can be used too. Once it is purchased, it can achieve anonymity and the transaction
process involves less personal information on the account holder. The entire process outsiders
cannot identify the account holder’s information.

  CRYS is not a token. At present, ICO’s objective of making profit permeates into the
entire blockchain market. ICO is no longer a tool which provides support on entrepreneur’s
foundation funds. Most of the token uses blockchain’s reputation to attract fund in the market
in an insane manner, of which 90% of them are worthless digital currency, 9% of the digital
currency are overvalued and perhaps just 1% of the crypto currency are worth investing. Big
portion of ICO uses built-in smart contract by ETH, using extremely low cost to create new
token and these tokens (90%) are usually worth nothing. To remove counterfeit, CRYS is
attempting to use blockchain technology to benefit the world. 

  In anonymous economy ecosystem, all accounts are invisible, preventing trace of
information on any individual and with these, true freedom can be achieved and personal
safety can be ensured. Regardless of technology or third-party service providers, people are
not recommended to disclose account information or abuse any method to obtain account
information. CRYS is currently forming partnerships with different technical teams to create
a whole new “anonymous world” through different channels.

  In an anonymous economy ecosystem that highly values account’s privacy and safety
of financial affairs, all transactions and personal details should be kept confidential and
prevent information from leaking to any party. Its core foundation is to build a decentralized
system of transactions widely accepted by global community. CRYS is different from most
cryptocurrency in the sense that without a fortune list, it does not allow anyone to check on
other party’s transactions and account status. In a scenario without an account logged in,
nobody should know the financial affairs and status of the address. An effective privacy on
financial affairs can prevent tracking of personal information, keeping an individual safe,
secret in business deals being kept confidential and preventing blackmailing and kidnapping.
It even removes possibility of experiencing disturbance in business activities morally, for
example, employment discrimination, dynamic price adjustment target, auto-adjustment on
insurance premium, auto-adjustment on health planning fees and so on. 

  Any mighty project requires fund support. CRYS requires enough initial funds to run
operation, technological development, joining platform, finding suitable business partners,
and marketing and advertising. Therefore, CRYS has decided to use 50% of its pre-mined and
pre-sale to raise funds. Pre-mine not only indicates enough funding to continue maintain
operation and management, it also guarantees liquidity in the market and effectively stabilise
rise and fall of market value. When the market value stabilises, miners receive profit
guarantee, development team owns enough fund to operate and highly promote, then CRYS
will be one of the best cryptocurrencies in the market. 


Security & Privacy
  In blockchain, the address and amount of transaction cannot be found and even through
address the transaction records and balance. This characteristic is enforced by confidentiality
regulation. Every user is provided with the highest confidentiality agreement to protect their
right of privacy. The CRYS will be hidden and nobody has the access to the fortune list from
the internet or transactions’ status. To put it simply, the origin of entire CRYS will be

Blocks Productivity 
  CRYS is based on Proof of Mining Work (POW) and master node mode to secure mining
and node user to obtain stable investment return. CRYS network is able to produce one block
every 300 seconds (BTC – 10 minutes) and thus it is able to provide faster confirmation for
transactions and at the same time allowing network to have more authentications on
transactions. Inspired by BTC, CRYS has similar principles in technology. The production
and transfer of CRYS is based on a type of open-source encryption protocol, not affected by
the management of any central agency. Compared to other competitors, CRYS is able to deal
with bigger number of transactions. Because the production of data block is getting more
frequent, CRYS network is able to handle more transactions requiring no modification on the
software. This ensures stability and future of such technology. Businessmen are able to obtain
confirmation on the transactions and while selling products in bulk they are able to wait for
even more transaction confirmations.

Anonymity & Round robin
  Anonymity and round robin of CRYS are naturally the security features for transaction
locations and amount. Being a virtual money, it is actually a digital currency, one that can be
used at places that accept such currency to exchange for goods and services. In a way, it is the
same as you using 1 dollar to buy 2 lollipops. What sets CRYS apart from currency in the
market is that it is completely anonymous, meaning when you pay using CRYS, both parties
have no access whatsoever to know the other party’s identity regardless of methods used.
This characteristic attracts privacy advocates’ attention. Under certain scenarios, CRYS will
be the main crypto currency to be used in transactions.

  Adaptive parameters cannot be controlled by decentralized system even if he or she is the
system’s creator. Using no hardcode and magic number, CRYS is based on the previous
network status to undergo self-adjustment. Hence, it is much more flexible and independent,
allowing system to undergo self-regulation. The self-regulation is able to change according to
current data while the sizes of the blocks will follow the network’s need and conduct
deployment by itself. Even if in the future the number of users are increased, it will also make
self-adjustment to reduce network traffic congestion.


  The vision in the beginning for crypto currency is to be “decentralised”. However, with
the value of the crypto currency going up, many types of mining talents started to appear in
the market and ASIC was created to specialise in mining. ASIC changed the original vision of
crypto currency, causing most of the currency to fall in the hands of few, including ASIC’s
factories and large amount of ASIC machines. The rise of the value of crypto currency
directly causes the rise of the value of ASIC, the threshold was increased to a level where
many cannot afford to enjoy the best product of current era. 

  In its workload, CRYS has proven that it uses CryptoNight-Lite core algorithm that was
first mentioned by CryptoNoteTech in its calculation. Compared to BTC, even on normal
calculator CRYS is able to run simple mining and not affected by ASIC mining machine. This
algorithm allows everyone to use electronics devices, such as mobile phones or computers, to
carry out mining while gaining reasonable profit.
  In the beginning of year 2018, the market has started to pay attention on anonymous
crypto currency due to its unique high degree of confidentiality and it intrigues many crypto
currency hol[/left]ders. Big firms have also started to get involved with anonymous crypto

Total Production
The total number of CRYS is at constant 100 million, which is about 5 times more than
the amount of BTC released in the network (Bitcoin has 21 million), indicating that there are
more people to hold CRYS making it to have even more market potential. CRYS will become
a whole new lightweight monero. Although it is currently learning from Monero’s and
CryptoNote’s technological advantage, CRYS does have a unique economic ecosystem and
technical community’s backing, enabling it to survive in its own way and develop flawlessly.
As the production supplied is at a constant level and its scale does have the potential to grow
even further, the value of CRYS will continue to grow in the absence of a more capable

The route of development

Constant total: 100 million
Total pre-mine: 50 million
Consensus Mechanism: Proof of Work (PoW)
Consensus Algorithm: CryptoNight-Lite
Block Interval: 300 seconds (POW)
Mining difficulty: Difficulty depends on repositioning each block
Features: Anonymity, support for web/ mobile phone mining, the speed of verification,
automated capacity expansion, anti-ASIC.

CRYS Online blockchain 
   ◆  Official Website (completed)
   ◆  Wallet production (completed, released after may2018 completed)

Launch plan
   ◆  The launch of the website (Completed)
   ◆  The lanuch of Windows, Mac OS wallet (Completed,will release after may2018 completed)
   ◆  The launch of Linux wallet (Completed,will release after may2018 completed)
   ◆  Web wallet (Completed,will release after may2018 completed)
   ◆  Android App (second quarter of Q3/Q4 2018) 
   ◆  IOS App (second quarter of Q3/Q4 2018) 

Collaboration business partner
   ◆  Mitex encrypted wallet platform (online wallet, support for system and center of currencies transaction) 
   ◆  dawinciCoder video games platform (will be completed soon)
   ◆  Money Exchanger platform (under negotiation)

CRYS - The plan
   ◆  [2 million] available for internal development team
   ◆  [1.5 million] co-partner, promotional and marketing team
   ◆  [5.5 million] Airdrop
    • Giveaway
        ◦ First 100 registered users will be given out 100 CRYS
        ◦ First 50 registered users will be given out 50 CRYS 
        ◦ First 20 thousands registered users will be given out 5 CRYS
        ◦ Following registered users will be given out 1 CRYS
    • Check-in plan 
        ◦ Daily check-in = 1 CRYS
        ◦ 7 days in consecutive, additional 5 CRYS will be given out 
    • Games to be given out 
        ◦ New users registered successfully via registration link 
        ◦ Both parties will be given for 5 token for games 
        ◦ Will receive certain amount of CRYS once the mini games are completed
    • Buying recommendation : Referral will be given additional 1% of the purchase
amount if the friend registered through the recommended link




E-mail : support@crystal.money
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High Privacy and Secure Digital Currency of New Era

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