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Allow me to introduce you to Brazio.

The Brazio coin is a cryptocurrency with all the robust features of the bitcoin blockchain.
It was forked from the bitcoin source code in March 2018. The coin distribution is based
on a proof of work system, which enables anyone with a computer and internet
connection to generate coins for themselves.
It will enable Brazil to smoothly adopt of a system of currency and fund management
that improves on the traditional banking model. By using the Brazio coin, Brazilians of
any circumstance can securely and easily manage their funds without the possible
interference of a central authority, like an immoral bank or government. This is because
the Brazio coin employs the same “trustless” paradigms for storing and transacting
funds used by bitcoin. It does not require the permission of an external agent that could
choose to act wrongly, such as a bank or government - it is governed by the consensus
of the network as a whole, and hence has no single point of failure.



You can find a lot of information about the project here.

We are now listed on digitalfinex

Don't forget to participate in our bounty campaign.
Use your creativity to earn BRAZ before the coin price lifts up!

Windows Wallet

Mac Wallet

Linux Wallet

Brazio is also making a mobile wallet.
You will be able to manage your BRAZ coin anywhere, anytime! :D
The beta launch will take place this August. Do not miss it!
Join the expert development team working around the clock on discord.

We want to know what you'd like to see from the coin in the future.
Any suggestions? Comment below!
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Re: Brazio

What is cryptocurrency?
Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses encryption (cryptography) to generate money and to verify transactions. Transactions are added to a public ledger – also called a Transaction Block Chain – and new coins are created through a process known as mining.
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Re: Brazio

Crypto-mining involves using high-powered computers to solve complex mathematical equations on a competitive basis in order to verify and log transactions. Being the first to do so often entitles the miner to a reward, which is given in the form of cryptocurrency coins and/or transaction fees associated with a block. Though the hardware and electricity costs can be enormous, mining can also be extremely rewarding.
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Re: Brazio

Cryptocurrencies are virtual or digital currencies that have no centralized regulating authority. It means that money is created and transferred without the intermediation of banks. Cryptography is used a means of ensuring transaction security.
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