[TELOS COIN] Transcendence Blockchain

[TELOS COIN] Transcendence Blockchain


Transcendence Blockchain
Proof Of Stake + Peer2Peer SaaS + Peer2Peer Proof of Computing
Transcendece combines an open-source, decentralised blockchain with existing services as like AmiCloud and the indieGO-Appstore. All of them accept the Transcendence Network Token called Telos. The longterm plan is to move the cloudstorage and cloudcomputing aspects of the closed source software to the opensouce blockchain.

Transcendence will become:
A decentral and optionally private messenger
An open marketplace for developers and artists
A cloud storage and processing platform with access to D-Wave quantum computing cloud


The Bounties
We have predefined bounties but the community can define and start own bounties as well.
The Wallet
For now you can download a Wallet for Windows, Linux and OS X
The indieGO!-Marketplace is an App Store environment which works on multiple platforms
With indieChat we will provide you a way to community with others in groups and or completely private

Distributed Peer To Peer Model
Transcendence / Telos uses a peer-to-peer network structure with no central authority to check the validity of blocks, no central authority for checkpoints, and no single point of failure for any operations. A failure from a single entitiy will NOT cause Transcendence / Telos to stop operating. No credit check outage will cause Transcendence / Telos to stop operating. No central authority will disrupt production operations.

Proof Of Stake
To achieve consensus; Proof of Stake 2.0 (PoS) requires nodes running a wallet software proving that it has coins in the blockchain in order to verify a block of transactions.
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