[AIRDROP] Dominium 75 pcs worth 30$ FREE ( TELEGRAM USER )

[AIRDROP] Dominium 75 pcs worth 30$ FREE ( TELEGRAM USER )

Dominium platform is built on an Ardor childchain which evolved from the time-tested Nxt blockchain.
The Dominium childchain decentralises the trade of assets and places rental agreements, purchase agreements, property management tasks and more on the blockchain.
Dominium will obtain the required regulatory licenses to allow standardised legal templates for property funding to be created. This allows companies to create regulatory compliant assets, which can be purchased by the Dominium account holders

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1. Open Telegram Bot
2. Register on Dominium website
3. Join Telegram Community and Telegram Announcement
4. Follow Twitter
5. 25 DOM tokens per referral

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Re: [AIRDROP] Dominium 75 pcs worth 30$ FREE ( TELEGRAM USER )

Dominium is being developed by Munte Immobilien and Max Property Group. We are a group of real estate professionals with industry experience dating back to 1833. We run property portfolios, funds and developments and have hundreds of millions of euros of assets under management. We have been looking at blockchain technology since 2012 and have self-funded the initial development of the Dominium platform. We are committing our capital, expertise and property to Dominium with the transfer of several million euros worth of real estate assets from the founders' companies to Dominium.
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Re: [AIRDROP] Dominium 75 pcs worth 30$ FREE ( TELEGRAM USER )

All DOM tokens collected on DOMINIUM and acquired via the buy-back program will be collected in a multi-signatory account, of which the company supervisor, Confidon, will be a signatory. These tokens will therefore be taken out of circulation upon deposit in the account and will be burned (destroyed) every year, or as required. Token burns will be audited and publicly announced.

This makes the DOM token one of the few tokens with a diminishing supply!!!
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Re: [AIRDROP] Dominium 75 pcs worth 30$ FREE ( TELEGRAM USER )

Stabilising DOMStabilising DOM
Stabilising DOM● : 50
Dominium’s token buy-back program ensures token value is maintained regardless of cryptocurrency market fluctuations or platform performance. This in turn will have a stabilising effect on the DOM token, much like gold backed tokens (DGD) or currency backed tokens (USDT).

The income generated by the platform and Dominium B.V. will be used to buy back the tokens regularly, which will ensure a steady demand for the token.
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