[ANN] [Scrypt]LABH COIN-Unique HIGH POS Coin [1000% TO 10000% APR]


Welcome to LABH Coin!


LabH is a primarily Proof of Stake (PoS) coin that uses the Scrypt algorithm.
With a high fixed annual percentage rate of returns (APR) in the PoS system for LabH and superblocks at fixed intervals.
Anyone can take advantage of this high return investment platform!

PoS allows you to mint new coins for having coins in your wallet, getting rewarded for being part of the LabH blockchain network.
With PoS you don't have to deal with the high operating costs and issues commonly faced with PoW systems (Miners).

LabH also provides investors with a unique feature to buy LABH in the wallet itself!
You can send LTC or BTC to your LABH wallet and use it to buy LABH without having to use an exchange!
(This feature is only available for LTC -> LABH and BTC -> LABH)

The LabH team is composed of experienced veterans in the crypto environment.
We aim to create an open, helpful and transparent community of investors, using Discord as our community hub.

Please join our Discord server.
Discord will be used for information about LabH.

All announcements, information, bounties, competitions and more will be held on our Discord server. Don't miss out! Join now to keep informed!

Click the Discord image below to join.



February 2018
Team Formation - COMPLETED
Name of coin internal vote - COMPLETED
Logo design - COMPLETED
Bounty scheme planning - COMPLETED

March 2018
Wallet development - COMPLETED
In wallet LABH Sale! Feature development - COMPLETED
Website development - COMPLETED

April 2018
Release of Windows, Linux and Mac wallets - COMPLETED
Announcement page - COMPLETED
Discord server setup - COMPLETED
Social network pages (Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Reddit) - COMPLETED
Website release - COMPLETED

Q2 2018
Bounties - FINISHED
Official staking pool launch - COMPLETED
Marketing activities (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram) - COMPLETED
Airdrops - COMPLETED
Referral program on each social channel starting from discord - COMPLETED
Crypto-Bridge exchange listing - COMPLETED
Coin Exchange listing - APPLIED

Q3 2018
Cryptopia exchange listing - PENDING
Indian oriented exchange listing - PENDING
CoinMarketCap listing - APPLIED
New marketing campaign to get more investors - STARTED

Q4 2018
2019 Roadmap release

Click on the links below to get the LABH wallet for your operating system




Click the image below to see the LABH block explorer


LABH is providing an in-house staking pool!

LABH own in-house shared staking pool offers you the following benefits:
POS Reward time is shorter when you stake together in our pool.
The compound weight of pool coins results in higher rewards than solo staking in your wallet.
No restriction on a number of coins that can be submitted to the pool.
Benefits all coin staking holders.
Especially beneficial for smaller stake sizes who will also benefit from pool weight, as opposed to solo staking.

MAXIMAL benefit for any stake SIZE, you get your percentage share of 24-hour Shared Pool stake based on your compounding balance.

RobH#4670 will be running the official LABH staking pool on our Discord server. More details to follow on Discord.

ZERO deposit FEE
ZERO withdrawal FEE
ZERO transactional and admin FEE



*Please join our Discord server to take part in the LABH Airdrops. Airdrops will be held in the #airdrop channel on the official LABH Discord server*

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Re: [ANN] [Scrypt]LABH COIN-Unique HIGH POS Coin [1000% TO 10000% APR]


After a week of research, I came up with the list of the AltCoins that I might be putting my $$$ on.
Initially i thought split my capital and invest on 3-4 coins afterwards , I thought to find one good potential coin which i can get for cheap price and invest
I found LABH coin which was to my requirements and i saw many getting good stake rewards too i am sure this coin will fetch me good returns
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Re: [ANN] [Scrypt]LABH COIN-Unique HIGH POS Coin [1000% TO 10000% APR]

Benefits of Staking Coins
Staking coins offers a number of benefits to mining operators.
The consensus mechanism removes the need for purchasing high-end computer hardware. When a mining node stakes bound coins from an e-wallet, it is guaranteed a fixed percentage of transactions on the network irrespective of its processing power.

Investors with enough holdings in the coin can validate transactions on the network.

The value of assets staked through PoS does not depreciate with time unlike ASIC and other mining hardware.
The value of the stake can only be affected by fluctuations in the currency prices.

Proof of stake is environmentally friendly and more energy efficient than proof of work mining used in Bitcoin.

The threat of 51% attacks is reduced in a staking coins system.

The major benefit of staking coins is that it removes the need for purchasing expensive hardware. The system offers a guaranteed return and predictable source of income for miners unlike proof of work system where coins are randomly rewarded to the most high-level computing systems.
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