Innovative cryptocurrencies and ways to get them

Hundreds of new opportunities have appeared with the advent of the cryptocurrency industry. One such solution is paramining - a brand new method of getting coins

SpaceBot - a breakthrough in mining

There were times in crypto industry when mining was so lucrative that it formed the basis for a new industry. However, increasingly it became unprofitable due to heavy cost so it no longer attracts trousands of users because of its inefficiency.
But progress does not stand still, and the assets with completely new possibilities for investors have entered the market. One of such possibilities is paramining.

Paramining represents a unique method of creating new coins that enables users to get income from such parameters as the number of coins in personal wallet or total amount of assets of one’s partners.
In order to simplify this way of mining crypto, a new Telegram instrument - SpaceBot was introduced. SpaceBot is equipped with a PRIZM coin paramining option.

SpaceBot functions:

● Multilingual system

● Affiliate program monitoring

● Buying, selling and withdrawal transactions with tokens

● Delegation of coins (deposit) and daily/monthly percentages

● Commission payments for participating in the affiliate program

● Different means of payment

All you need to start paramining is to get some coins and delegate them on the SpaceBot deposit. Your profit rate depends on the amount of coins you delegate.

Innovation ecosystem
Due to the unique affiliate program SpaceBot let you create your own partnership ecosystem.
Each time you invite a new partner, your profit will increase, and your paramining rate may rise up to 21% per month.
As a huge community which has a significant influence on PRIZM coin, SpaceBot enables new investors to get up to 10% from the affiliate program in gratitude for contributions to PRIZM development. The bigger the community, the higher the paramining rate.
The withdrawal of funds is available once a day or month if you don’t reinvest coins in paramining.

PRIZM benefits

● Using forging in process of generating blocks makes it virtually impossible to attract the network
● Fast transactions (less than 1 minute for a transaction)
● Low fees for transactions over 0.5% PZM (but not more than 10 PZM)
● System transactions may be accompanied by encrypted comments
● A limited amount of coins in network (6 billion of coins will be produced in total)

Times have changed, and ASIC equipment and cloud mining have been replaced by new solutions that remain profitable even in crisis. These solutions let investors not only to preserve their assets but to get steady income. SpaceBot is a perfect example of this.
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