Crypto currency in five years!

Legendary investor Tim Draper is confident that in five years all will use crypto currency. According to Draper, the technological shift that we can observe now will be more significant than the transition from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age. Answering the question about how he sees the current situation in comparison with the period when he invested in the technologies of web 1.0 and 2.0, he replied that web technologies and transformed the concept of information, while blocking has the potential to transform almost all industries, including government services.
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Re: Crypto currency in five years!

I believe general situation will not move much because of too many institutions have a desire to control and regulate cryptoworld. we need a good decentralized exchange for all transactions to make it as clear as possible. scam may appear everywhere and it really does. what we need is a proper education for all new crypto-members
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Re: Crypto currency in five years!

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are expected to grow but it all depends on the government, the banks, and the market's acceptance.

The main concern most countries and banks have is the how volatile the price of crypto is. Government and banks currently control inflation rates through the supply of money and interest rates. With Crypto, there is no control they can have, which is their major concern. If they are able to create certain regulations or laws to sustain a stable price, You can definitely see crypto becoming huge.

One bold move by China is the investment into blockchain tech. China is a huge market and with it investing in blockchain tech, you can see the market will grow.

With blockchain being the backbone to crypto and China being a huge player in the market, you can definitely see the growth potential.
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